6 Things Cat People Can Relate To

6 Things Cat People Can Relate To


Scientific studies have shown that by watching cat videos or videos that are related to cats one can boost their energy and create positive emotions, throughout time cats have been one of the most desirable pets and many cultures such as Egyptian, Mayan and Persian are rich with this creature’s presence.

Today I would like to share 7 points that all we cat lovers and owners come across when we deal with our feline friends.

  1. Owning a cat

Make a correction, you don’t own them, they OWN YOU! – Yes. We all know how cats boss us around to do their dirty work… literally! From cleaning their shits to their vomits, we got to do it all for them and still bear with the attitude!

Why one may ask?

Cause cats are love #catsareiphonesoftheanimalworld #nologicneeded


  1. Transfer of attention

You call out to them all day long and they won’t listen cause well it’s a not a cat if it gives you’re getting its attention that easy, I swear if you guys wanna practice how catch a girls attention win your cats, cause girls are piece of cake next to a cat, you can try all day and your cat even move a whisker in your direction but you sit down to work on your laptop and suddenly they want to cuddle around!!

Sneaky devils…






  1. NOH!!! You no sleep !

You cannot disturb them from their slumber. But they can be on your head even in the middle of the night just because they need to freaking play, want food or just need to go poo. Honestly they don’t like the concept of humans sleeping cause servants never look good sleeping!









  1. No Touchy

Belly rubs for no more than 10.3 seconds or they’ll unleash their scratchy wrath on you!!







  1. Haters Gonna Hate

The judgmental stares, one gets from fellow humans when they see you converse with your cat. “Hey baby how has your day been” and they be looking at you like you some retard! Huh! They’ll never understand!






  1. Cats will be cats, never easy !

These clever creatures can smell their favorite meal from miles away but fail to see the piece of meat right in front of them unless you point at it a million times.