7 Good Reasons to be an Architect

7 Good Reasons to be an Architect



1- It’s a way of life

Architecture is not just a profession. It’s a way of life. You live and breathe the spaces around you. Not a moment goes by where the architect inside you isn’t gazing at your surroundings and coming up with a gazillion different options. You can feel the spaces like no one else can.


2- You’re a Creator leaving your mark on the Planet.

What can be better than that?! It’s your baby! You create something and put it out there, let the world interact with it and see it respond to the environment and inhabitants. What could be more mesmerizing than watching your creations age with time ?



Source: ArchDaily


3- Every day at work is a new day with new things to look forward to.

New projects keep coming up. There is a lot of versatility in this profession. From designing commercial spaces to corporate buildings to landscaping! You name it!


Source: ArchDaily

4-Once you’ve gained enough skill and experience you can be your Own Boss.

Yes. That’s true. There is no hard and fast rule to always work for somebody or corporation. You can be your own boss once you’ve gained the skill and expertise required to run an office. Your own office. Yes remember, you’re the creator. It’s your mind and your ideas that can do wonders.



5- Great Career Choice. You get to create for as long as you want. There is no time or age limit for when you can design. It’s your mind, your hands. Create till your mind and body allows and till it pleases you. And remember, you’re only getting better and wiser with time and experience.


Source: ArchDaily


6- Your work can change the lives of people. Architects are at times under rated. We tend to ignore the face that an architect has the power to shape up our lives and our communities. There are numerous examples in the world from urban planners to residential planners. They design and we respond accordingly. It’s the law. Just like how God created the Universe and we interact with it. This is human nature


Source: ArchDaily


7- Artsy. You get to draw and sketch too! Yes Architecture is not just about numbers and plans and using multiple software. Your hand has all the power. Sketch your mind out. Be creative, be artsy. You’ve got the freedom. Remember you make your own rules. Paint, draw, make models! Whatever gets your mind running.