Man gunned down in Islamabad over Parking Issue.


    A passenger on a motorbike was allegedly shot down by a shopkeeper on a small issue of parking at Khanna Pul in Sadiqbad Police Area on 24th May (Thursday). The victim was a resident of Kotha Kalan neighbouthood of the garrison city.


    The motorbike rider’s name was Altaf Hussain and was a 35 year old. He stopped at a mosque for Asr prayers and parked his bike near a mosque. A shopkeeper objected to the car being parked in front of his shop and the argument in the publec got violent when the shopkeeper shot Altaf Hussain dead right on that spot. By the time Law enforcement got to the spot, the victim was already dead.


    This is the third murder that is being reported from the area in less than 2 days. On Wednesday, same week, Khanna police found the body of a 17 year old boy Zeeshan who was kidnapped in Sadiqbad area. He was kidnapped and murdered near Dhok Kala Khan, and was later dumped in a well.

    Another case was reported in Sadiqabad Police station when a teenager was missing a few days ago, same week. There is still no clarity on what happened to the poor soul. Some say that he was kidnapped for a ransom, others say he was killed by a friend of his after they two had a fight about something.



    The local police claim that they have arrested the suspect who had confessed to stabbing the victim to death and later dumping his body in a well.

    Also on Wednesday evening, a man was killed while four others were injured in a clash between two groups in Bilal Town, almost in the same area. Police claims that a fight among the youngsters accelerated, which led to firing between the two groups. The death of Rashid Khan, the victim at the incident happened to be the unlucky one there. The Police has arrested two people allegedly involved in the murder. There is no clear picture of what will happen to them at the moment.



    These incidents near Khana Pul have increased to an insane extent, is this a proof of a larger mafia behind the picture? Or are people just intolerant and frustrated? May God bless us all, and keep us safe.