These 15 Pictures Tell Why You Should Visit Monal, Islamabad At Least...

These 15 Pictures Tell Why You Should Visit Monal, Islamabad At Least Once in Your Life

Monal Sunny Day

Islamabad is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And to enjoy the best views of Islamabad, Monal is perhaps the best place. The real name of the place where Monal is located is Pir Sohawa. It is a viewpoint on the Margalla Hills. It provides amazing views of the entire Islamabad City and even beyond. A few years ago, two restaurants by the name of Monal and La Montana developed at Pir Sohawa. Monal was built before La Montana. And as there was no other establishment at Pir Sohawa, the place got famous by the name of Monal. It doesn’t matter if you visit Monal or La Montana on your visit to Pir Sohawa, the views are just incredible.

We have compiled a list of 15 breathtaking pictures that tell why you should visit Monal, Islamabad at least once in your life.

15 – This is the road to Monal. The Margalla Hills are full of greenery and you will have a great time while travelling on this beautiful road. The road offers amazing views of Islamabad and the hills.

Monal Islamabad

14 – You will get to see Damn-e-Koh, a popular viewpoint of Islamabad on your way to Monal, Pir Sohawa.


13 – This is Monal! The natural beauty of the place will amaze you.

Monal Islamabad

12 – You can also hike from Islamabad to Monal. There are two tracks that go from Margalla Road, Islamabad all the way to Monal. It takes 2 to 4 hours depending on your fitness level to get to Monal by a hike.


11 – Here is the first view of Monal and La Montana restaurants from the hiking track.

Monal Islamabad

10 – Monal is a great place for having breakfast, lunch or dinner with your family.

Monal Islamabad

9 – Often, the clouds cover the hills and you will literally be sitting in the clouds.

Monal Islamabad

8 – Such cosy heaters are a must during winters to keep you warm. Enjoy the spectacular views of Islamabad sitting by the fire and having meals.

Monal Islamabad
Photo Credits – Monal Restaurant

7 – Here is an amazing view from Monal just after sunset.

Monal Islamabad

6 – The night view of Islamabad is even better. The whole city is Lit! Enjoy the views and appreciate the beauty of this amazing city.

Monal Islamabad

5 – One thing that everyone enjoys at Monal, other than the views of Islamabad, is the amazing greenery of the Margalla Hills.

Monal Islamabad

4 – Sometimes the tourists do get disappointed because of weather. The clouds can cover the entire area and it is not possible to have a clear view of the city. However, such weather surely has its own beauty.

Monal Islamabad

3 – The views are just awesome on the sunny days.

Monal Sunny Day

2 – When it comes to the world’s top restaurants with amazing views, Monal and La Montana surely rank high on the list.

Monal Islamabad
Photo Credits -Salkah Akram

1 – Such spectacular views and awesome greenery of the Margalla hills makes it a must visit places for anyone visiting Islamabad.

Monal Night View

What do you guys think of Monal? Have you been there? Or do you plan to visit it in coming days? Let us know in the comments section below.