21 Stunning Pictures of the New Islamabad International Airport

21 Stunning Pictures of the New Islamabad International Airport

New Islamabad International Airport

Islamabad has long been waiting for the new airport to become operational. With time, Islamabad has developed into one of the biggest cities in Pakistan and it is the need of the time for the city to have a new airport. It finally, seems that the New Islamabad International Airport is going to become operational soon. According to sources, the new airport will be opened on the 14th of August 2017. The major construction work of the airport has already been done. And finishing touches are being given to the buildings and surroundings. Here are 21 stunning pictures of the New Islamabad International Airport.

21 – Here is a stunning aerial picture of the New Islamabad International Airport.

New Islamabad International Airport

20 – Here is a closeup aerial view of the airport terminal.

2 - Aerial Views

19 – The air traffic control tower has already been constructed.

3 - Air Traffic Control Tower

18 – Another stunning view of the air traffic control tower. The new airpot already has two runways and in future another runway might also be developed.

4 - Control Tower

17 – Special attention has been given to make the airport green.

5 - Outside Plantation

16 – This new airport will replace the existing Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Islamabad.

6 - Outside Plantation 1

15 – A beautiful green area in the new airport.

7 - Plantation

14 – It will be the first greenfield airport in Pakistan. This new airport will be capable of handling the Airbus A380

8 - Runway

13 – Here is a stunning night view of the runway of New Islamabad International Airport.

9 - Runway of Islamabad International Airport

12 – The total area of the airport is 3,571.5 acres and 14.45 square kilometers.

10 - Airport Aerial

11 – The airport terminal will initially be able to handle 9 million passengers and 80,000 tons of cargo per annum.

11 - The Airport is almost ready

10 – It will be the most modern airport in Pakistan

12 - Wonderful Modern Lounge

9 – The terminal looks absolutely stunning from the inside as well as from the outside.

13 - Spectacular Inside View

8 – The terminal includes 15 gates, a duty free shop, a four-star hotel, a food court, and 42 immigration counters.

14 - Another Lounge

7 – The airport will be able to handle 15 million passengers every year.

15 - Inside

6 – There is plenty of parking space in the new airport.

16 - Parking

5 – The roads connecting the New Islamabad International Airport to Islamabad have already been constructed.

17 - Airport Road

4 – Here are a couple of panorama views of the main building of the airport.

18 - Spectacular Panoram Views

3 – This mysterious giant ball is also a part of the New Islamabad International Airport.

19 - Giant Ball

2 – A few test flights have already been done on the airport.

20 - Test Landing

1 – This is what the airport will look like at night after it is fully operational.

21 - Design