25 Pictures That Show the True Beauty of Karakoram Highway

25 Pictures That Show the True Beauty of Karakoram Highway

Karakoram Highway

Karakoram Highway is one of the most beautiful roads in the world. It is also known as N-35 in Pakistan and sometimes it is also referred to as China-Pakistan Friendship Highway. The total length of Karakoram highway is 1300 Kilometers. It starts from Hasan Abdal area of Punjab in Pakistan and goes all the way to China. Karakoram highway connects Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan region with China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Region. On one hand, Karakoram highway is an amazing tourist attraction and on the other hand, it is an important trade route between Pakistan and China.

We have compiled 25 most amazing pictures of Karakoram highway. These pictures show the true beauty of this modern day marvel.

1 – Spectacular Aerial View of Bridges and Tunnels over Attabad Lake Section of Karakoram Highway. Aerial View of Bridge over Atabad Lake

2 – Hunza River Flows Alongside Karakoram Highway.Hunza River and Karakoram Highway

3 – Another Spectacular Site of the River Flowing Alongside the HighwayKarakoram Highway 1

4 – You will be amazed by how many colors this Spectacular highway has to offer. Karakoram Highway 2

5 – Breathtaking views of mountains greet you at every turn!Karakoram Highway 3

6 – Amazing Sight of Passu Cones in Autumn. Karakoram Highway 4

7 – The colorful Pakistani Trucks and snow covered Karakoram Mountains are an ideal combination. Karakoram Highway 5

8 – You will be amazed by the sheer scale of the mountains that are present on this route. Karakoram Highway 6

9 – Weather can surprise the tourists. Karakoram Highway 7

10 – Passu Cones look something out of a fairytale!Karakoram Highway 9

11 – This is what Passu Cones look like on a clear sunny day. Karakoram Highway 10

12 – Colorful Pakistani trucks add to the beauty of the whole experience. Karakoram Highway 12

13 – A Wonderful aerial view of Karakoram Highway. Karakoram Highway 13

14 – Another beautiful aerial view. Karakoram Highway 14

15 – The mountains provide shade at some parts of the highway. Karakoram Highway 15

16 – Villagers are often seen trying to keep their goats away from the highway. Karakoram Highway 16

17 – Another beautiful view during Autumn. Karakoram Highway 17

18 – Karakoram Highway alongside Attabad Lake. Karakoram Highway Along Side Atabad Lake

19 – Karakoram Highway passing through Hussaini Village in GojalKarakoram Highway in Hussaini Village - Gojal

20 – The highway and the surrounding scenery looks beautiful on sunny days. Karakoram Highway Near Karimabad

21 – It presents a fairytale view during the snow season in winterKarakoram Highway snow 1

22 – Simply Breathtaking!Karakoram Highway Snow 2

23 – Tunnels take you through the mountains!Karakoram Highway Tunnel

24 – This is the view of the highway when it opens after blockage of few days. Photo by Mubeen Mazhar

25 – This bridge connects Hunza with Nagar Valley.The bridge that connects hunza with nagar valley

Have you traveled on Karakoram Highway? How was your experience? If not then when do you plan to travel on this breathtaking highway? Tell us in the comments section!