POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA – Shabbir Hussain’s Bag Found

POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA – Shabbir Hussain’s Bag Found


Social Media’s power can never be underestimated in today’s world. A resident from Skardu, Shabbir Hussain made a video some time back, where he expressed that he dropped his bag on karakoram highway which carried important documents. According to the recent news, his bag was found and delivered on Sunday.



In a video shared on social media, Shabbir Hussain pledged the social media users of Pakistan to find his lost bag. “I was coming to Skardu from Islamabad yesterday and near Chillas I lost my bag,” he said, adding that his educational documents and medical record of his father who is being treated for the brain tumor are in that bag.

“Without those documents and medical records, his treatment will be stopped,” he added.

“I request all the social media users and my fellow citizens to help me in finding that bag as it has my number on it and anyone who finds it can contact me or send the bag to some goods transport office,” he said. “I will be really thankful,” said in very emotional state with tears in his eyes.


The video went viral on social media, reaching out to many public figures. DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor requested all the Pakistani people to help. and tweeted: “Request, please help our this Pakistani brother… And dear Shabbir if u see this tweet please share your cell number through my inbox for assistance at CMH.”

This tweet had over 4000 retweets on Twitter.

After some time the DG ISPR tweeted that bag has been found and delivered to Shabbir Hussain.  “Thanks to all Pakistanis including Media for the prompt response. Bag found. Being delivered. That’s being a great and responsible nation. And all assistance in CMH made available to Shabbir. PakistanZindaAbad.”


In another tweet, Ghafoor wrote, “Yes, this is the power of Media and social media. That’s the correct, responsible and purposeful utility. That’s the requirement. Let’s utilise it positively for a well aware and strong Pakistan. Thank you.”

Times like these you feel proud of being a Pakistani citizen, for being a part of a nation that feels this strongly for one another. That’s the correct, responsible and purposeful utility.