35 Amazing Pictures of Swat Valley That Show Its True Beauty

35 Amazing Pictures of Swat Valley That Show Its True Beauty


Swat is not only one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan, but it is also among the most beautiful places in the world. Having a population of around 2.5 million, Swat district is famous for its scenic views and wonderful tourism opportunities. The valley is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Tourists can enjoy the wilderness of the Ushu forest as well as the refreshing waters of Swat river. The famous ski resort located in Malam Jabba, Swat is also a must visit place for tourists. In order to give you a better idea of what to expect on your visit to Swat, we have compiled 35 most beautiful pictures of Swat Valley.

Here are the 35 amazing pictures of Swat Valley that show its true beauty.

1 – A beautiful aerial view of Swat River.

A Beautiful Aerial View of Swat River
Photo Credits – Syed Mehdi Bukhari

2 – A bridge on river Swat in Bahrain.

A bridge on river Swat in Bahrain
Photo Credits – Syed Mehdi Bukhari

3 – A shepherd boy heading home with his sheep.

A Shepherd Boy Heading Home with his sheep
Photo Credits – Syed Mehdi Bukhari

4 – A pedestrian bridge in Bahrain, Swat.

A pedestrian bridge in Bahrain, Swat
Photo Credits – Maaz Ahmad

5 – You will only find such spectacular views in Swat Valley. This is Chokel Banda area in Swat.

Chokel Banda - Swat Valley

6 – Mesmerizing views of Gabeen Jaba in Swat. Gabeen Jaba - Swat - KPK

7 – Beautiful green fields and horses compliment each other well. Green Fields and Horses

8 – Kalam is one of the most scenic places in Swat Valley.Kalam - Swat Valley - KPK

9 – Kalam becomes even more beautiful during winters. Kalam - Swat Valley

10 – Kandol Lake in Swat Valley covered by clouds. Kandol Lake - Swat Valley

11 – Laddu, Utror Valley a wonderful natural beauty with fresh water streams and dense forest.

Laddu, Utror Valley, Swat, KPK

12 – A spectacular aerial view of Madyan, Swat.

Madyan - Swat

13 – Mahodand Lake in Swat is one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan.

Mahodand Lake - Kalam - Swat Valley

14 – Another beautiful view of Mahodand Lake in Swat.

Mahodand Lake - Swat - KPK

15 – Malam Jabba an International ski resort in Swat.

Malam Jabba
Photo Credits – Furtivo Estudios by Agha Ahsan

16 – Aerial view of Malam Jabba in winters.

Malam Jabba in winters - Swat Valley


17 – Maple Trees in Khawazakhela.

Maple Trees in Khawazakhela
Photo Credits – Syed Mehdi Bukhari

18 – Matiltan waterfall in Kalam looks like a piece of heaven.

Matiltan - Kalam - Swat Valley - KPK

19 – Local transport in Matta – Swat

Matta - Swat
Photo Credits – Syed Mehdi Bukhari

20 – A beautiful wooden house in Matilton village. Matilton Village - Swat

21 – Mingora city at night.

Mingora at Night

22 – Swat River flowing alongside Bahrain-Kalam road as seen from Gurnal, Swat valley.

River swat Along with Bahrain-Kalam road as seen from GURNAL, Swat valley
Photo Credits – Tariq Siddiq Kohistani

23 – Somewhere in Swat.

Somewhere in Swat

24 – Hotels built on the edge of Swat River.

Photo Credits – Shafiq Ul Islam Photography

25 – Swat river presents fishing and boating opportunities to the tourists.

Swat River
Photo Credits – Syed Mehdi Bukhari

26 – A spectacular view of Swat River and surrounding mountains.

Swat Valley
Photo Credits – Noman Zahoor Janjua

27 – The breathtaking views of mountains will accompany you, wherever you will go. Swat Valley - KPK

28 – Swat Valley covered by snow in winter.Swat Valley in winter - KPK

29 – Swat valley has a number of beautiful walking tracks. Here is one of them. Swat Valley, KPK

30 – The snow makes the entire landscape white during winters. Swat Valley

31 – Blue waters of Swat river are a sight to watch. Swat

32 – Ushu in Swat Valley. Check out the view of the mountain in the background. Ushu - Swat Valley - KPK

33 – Ushu Forest in Kalam provides a wonderful opportunity to explore the wilderness of nature. Ushu Forest - Kalam - Swat Valley - KPK

34 – Utror in Kalam, Swat Valley.Utror - Kalam - Swat

35 – A beautiful view near Mahodand lake in Swat. view near Mahodand lake Usho valley kalam sawat RAO's Studio

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