27 Amazing Pictures and Interesting Facts About Shangrila Resort Skardu

27 Amazing Pictures and Interesting Facts About Shangrila Resort Skardu


Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has some of the most amazing sceneries to offer to the tourists who visit the country. However, one area where Pakistan definitely lacks is the well-developed tourist resorts. Although the country has thousands of spectacular sights, valleys, and scenic locations, there are only a handful of modern, well-developed tourist resorts. Among these handfuls of tourist resorts, perhaps the best, most scenic, and most relaxing one is Shangrila Resort in Skardu. It should be on the list of every tourist looking forward to visiting the northern areas of Pakistan.

Here are 27 amazing pictures and interesting facts about Shangrila Resort, Skardu.

27 – Shangrila resort is located on the shore of a lake known as Lower Kachura Lake.

1 - Shangrilla - Lower Kachura Lake in Autumn
Photo Credits – Yasir Nisar

26 – The resort is located about 2.5 kilometers from Skardu City.

2 - Shangrila Lake - Skardu - Gilgit Baltistan
Photo Credits – Muhammad Ameen

25 – It is one of the most calming places you will ever visit.

3 - Shangrila Resort - Skardu
Photo Credits – Hafiz Abdul Moiz

24 – Shangrila resort is surrounded by mountains and offers breathtaking scenery to the visitors.

4 - Shangrila Resord Skardu - Gilgit Baltistan
Photo Credits – MooN Photography

23 – The Lower Kachura Lake is also known as Shangrila Lake.

5 - Shangrila Resort 4
Photo Credits – S.M.Bukhari

22 – Proper tourist resort was built on the bank of this lake in 1983.

6 - Shangrila Resort 5

21 – Since its establishment in 1983, Shangrila Resort has become one of the top tourist destinations in the North.

7 - Shangrilla Lake - Skardu

20 – The resort has several huts and hotels that have beautiful Chinese architecture.

8 - A closeup shot of Shangrilla Resort - Skardu - Gilgit Baltistan

19 – Shangrila Resort looks absolutely stunning at night.

9 - Beautiful Night at Lower Kachura Lake - Shangrilla
Photo Credits – Mir Qaim Ali

18 – The clouds often cover this heavenly place, and the scenery gets even better.

10 - Shangrila Resort 9

17 – The resort shines brightly during the sunny days.

11 - Shangrila Resort 2

16 – The number of tourists visiting Shangrila Resort had decreased a lot about a few years ago. However, now things are changing and tourists are returning to this amazing place.

12 - Shangrila Resorts, Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan

15 – Shangrila Resort provides an excellent opportunity for taking some memorable photos.

13 - Shangrilla Lake and Resort
Photo Credits – Yasir Nisar Photography

14 – The resort usually sees an influx of tourists during the summer season.

14 - Shangrilla Resort During Rain - Skardu - Gilgit Baltistan

13 – The winters in Shangrila Resort and Skardu are very cold.

15 - Shangrila Resort and Lower Kachura Lake after the heavy snow fall in Skardu
Photo Credits – Yasir Nisar Photography

12 – However, Shangrila Resort looks absolutely stunning when it gets covered by snow during the winters.

16 - Shangrila Resort 12

11 – You can enjoy boating in the Shangrila Lake.

Shangrila Resort 13
Photo Credits – Daniyal Naeem Photography


10 – The water of Shangrila Lake freezes during the winters.

18 - Shangrilla Resort - Skardu - During WInters
Photo Credits – Moon Abbas

9 – Here is a breathtaking view of the mountains behind surrounding the Shangrila Lake, covered by snow.

19 - Shangrila Resort 10
Photo Credits – Gulraiz Ghouri Photography

8 – The spring season at Shangrila Resort is very beautiful. The flowers, the sunny days, beautiful weather, and the spectacular sight of the mountains provide for an excellent vacation.

20 - Shangrilla Resort - Skardu

7 – Shangrila Resort has all the modern day facilities for tourists and it is a great place to visit with your family.

21 - Shangrilla Resorts - Skardu - Gilgit Baltistan

6 –  Here is another breathtaking night view of Shangrila Resort.

22 - Shangrilla Resort at Night
Photo Credits – Bassam Chaudhry

5 – This is what the Shangrila Resort looks like during the Autumn season.

23 - Shangrila Resort in Autumn
Photo Credits – Rushan Raza

4 – Who wouldn’t like to sip some hot tea while enjoying the cool weather and this magnificent scenery.

24 - Shangrila Resort 8

3 – The reflection of the mountains in the Shangrila Lake is a wonderful phenomenon.

25 - Shangrila Resort 1

2 – Yes, you can enjoy the fresh apples in the gardens of this resort as well.

26 - Shangrila Resort 11
Photo Credits – Yousaf Naz

1 – Shangrila Resort is a gem that shines brightly in Skardu. It is the need to of the time to further develop, improve and market this amazing place so that more tourists visit it every year.

27 - Shangrila Resort 7

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