27 Most Beautiful Places in Swat Valley That You Must Visit

27 Most Beautiful Places in Swat Valley That You Must Visit


Swat Valley, located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan is among the most beautiful places in the world. This valley has a lot to offer for tourists. Every year thousands of people visit this amazing valley and enjoy their time at different places in Swat Valley. However, it is often that the tourists are not familiar with the different options they have when they are visiting Swat Valley and hence they miss out on many spectacular places. In order to help you plan your visit to Swat Valley in a better way, we have compiled a list of 27 most beautiful places in Swat Valley that you must visit. Here they are.

27 – Spin Khwar Lake – Swat

A wonderful lake hidden in the lap of mountains towards the east of Utror Valley and the north of Kundal Lake.

27 - Spin Khwar Lake - Swat

26 – Khapero Lake – Swat

A spectacular blue water lake located at an elevation of 13,400 feet.

26 - Khapero Lake - Swat
Photo Credits – Iftikhar Alvi

25 – White Palace – Swat

Originally built in 1940, White Palace is a beautiful hotel located in the small town of Marghazar situated about 13 kilometers from Saidu Sharif.

White Palace

24 – Shingrai Waterfall – Swat

A little-known waterfall located at the foothills of Dwasaray peaks about 20 kilometers north of Mingora.

24 - Shingrai Waterfall, Swat

23 – Shingardar Stupa – Ghalegay

An ancient Budha Statue located at a distance of 14 kilometers from Mingora. It is the largest stupa in the Indian subcontinent.

23 - Shingardar Stupa, Ghalegay

22 – Shangla Top

One of the most scenic locations with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.

22 - Shangla Top - Swat

21 – Shahi Bagh – Swat

Lush Green Meadow of Swat with stunning natural beauty.

21 - Shahi Bagh near Gabral, Swat Valley

20 – Sair Village – Swat

A small village with some of the most beautiful views you will ever get to see.

20 - Sair Village, near Malam Jabba

19 – Saifullah Lake, Kalam – Swat

A beautiful lake famous for its fresh water trout fish.

19 - Saifullah Lake, Near Mahodand Lake, Kalam, Swat

18 – Saidgai Lake

One of the largest and one of the most scenic lakes in Swat Valley.

18 - Saidgai Lake, Upper Lalkoo Valley, Upper Dir, KPK - Photo Credits - Arshad Ali
Photo Credits – Arshad Ali

17 – Miandam – Swat

A wonderful hill station located 56 kilometers from Mingora. The elevation of this spectacular place is 1,800 meters above sea level.

17 - Miandam, Swat Valley
Photo Credits – Jan’s Photography

16 – Matiltan, Kalam – Swat

Famous for its thick forests, lofty mountain peaks, and huge glaciers, Matltan is a picturesque spot that is located about 11 kilometers from Kalam.

16 - Matiltan, Kalam, Swat Valley

15 – Mankial Village – Swat

One of the most beautiful villages in Pakistan.

15 - Mankial Village, Swat Valley

14 – Malam Jabba – Swat

A popular tourist destination with spectacular sights, and an internationally known ski resort.

14 - Malam Jabba, Swat Valley

13 – Mahodand Lake – Swat

A beautiful lake located in the Upper Usho Valley at a distance of about 40 kilometers from Kalam.

13 - Mahodand Lake - Swat

12 – Madyan – Swat

A popular hill station with a decent population and plenty of greenery surrounding it.

12 - Madyan - Swat

11 – Kandol Lake, Kalam – Swat

A breathtakingly beautiful lake located in the north of Utror Valley at a distance of 19 kilometers from Kalam.

11 - Kandol Lake - Kalam - Swat

10 – Kalam Town – Swat

A popular tourist destination located 99 kilometers from Mingora.

10 - Kalam Town - Swat

9 – Kalam Forest – Swat

Enjoy the spell bounding beauty of the thick forest in Kalam. The forest is sure to satisfy your desire to explore nature and have some adventure.

9 - Kalam Forest, Swat Valley

8 – Kalakot Village – Swat

Another breathtakingly beautiful village located in Swat.

8 - Kalakot Village - Swat -
Photo Credits – Jan’s Photography

7 – Jarogo Waterfall – Swat

The tallest waterfall in Pakistan.

7 - Jarogo Waterfall, Swat Valley

6 – Hindukush Mountains – Swat

Hike and explore one of the highest mountain ranges in the world.

6 - Hindukush Mountain Range - Swat

5 – Gabral River – Swat

A wonderful river with fresh mountain water flowing across the valley.

5 - Gabral River - Swat - Photo Credits - Khwaja Nasir's
Photo Credits – Khwaja Nasir

4 – Fizagat Park – Swat

A beautiful recreational park located in the vicinity of Mingora.

4 - Fazigat Park, Swat
Photo Credits – Jan’s Photography

3 – Cheel, Madyan – Swat

A spectacular tourist spot with plenty of natural beauty and some ancient relics.

3 - Cheel, Madyan, Swat

2 – Bahrain – Swat

One of the best hill stations in Pakistan located at an elevation of 1,435 meters above sea level.

2 - Bahrain, Swat

1 – Alpuri – Swat

The capital of Shangla located at an elevation of 1,587 meters above sea level.

1 - Alpurai, Swat, KPK

How many of these places have you visited in Swat? Which place did you find the best? Tell us in the comments section below. And share this article with your friends and family.