These Beautiful Rickshaws are The Only Vehicles That Pakistan Exports to Japan

These Beautiful Rickshaws are The Only Vehicles That Pakistan Exports to Japan


Pakistani automobile market has been dominated by the Japanese car manufacturers since quite a long time now. Japanese companies like Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, and Nisan have created a complete monopoly in the car industry of Pakistan. Japan being a highly industrialised country with a strong automobile industry has no need to import cars from other countries, especially from Pakistan where the industrial base is not that strong. However, there is one vehicle which Pakistan seems to be able to make better than Japan. And that is none other than the traditional Pakistani Rikshaw. A Pakistani company Sazgar Engineering is exporting rickshaws to Japan. Here are some pictures of these rickshaws in Japan.

The Rikshaws are the only Pakistani vehicle that is being exported to Japan.

Pakistani Rikshaw

As you would expect, these rickshaws are not being used as a general public transport in Japan. Rather they are being used for fun and as a hobby.

2 - Rikshaw

However, there is a lot of scope for these rickshaws in Japan. And they can prove to be a great transport vehicle for the narrow streets of some of the Japanese cities.

3 - Rikshaw

These rickshaws are made by the Pakistani company Sazgar Engineering.

4 - Rikshaw

As you would expect, the rickshaws are of a much higher quality as compared to the ones in Pakistan.

5 - Rikshaw

These colourful rickshaws look absolutely stunning.

6 -Rikshaw

They are available in different colours.

7 - Rikshaw

There is a huge opportunity for Sazgar Engineering and other Pakistani companies if they can capitalise in this niche.

8 - Rikshaw

Surely these rickshaws are quite economical and pretty easy to drive.

9 - Rikshaw

Many locals in Japan like to take pictures with these unique vehicles.

10 - Rikshaw

Some Indian and Pakistani people in Japan are also using these traditional rickshaws.

11 - Rikshaw

It would be interesting to see how the future turns out for these Pakistani Rickshaws in Japan.

12 - Rikshaw

It is surely an interesting and odd thing that finally Pakistan is exporting vehicles to Japan. Although these are not the usual cars, still it is some progress. Hopefully, there would come a day when Pakistan would be exporting high-performance cars to Japan and other developed countries.