15 Spectacular Pictures and Interesting Facts About Chitral Airport

15 Spectacular Pictures and Interesting Facts About Chitral Airport

Chitral Airport

Pakistan has only a handful of International airports. However, there are many domestic airports in the country. And one of the most scenic domestic airports that are open for public flights is the Chitral airport. This amazing airport provides some of the most spectacular views to the passengers. In case you have not visited Chitral and have not seen this small but beautiful airport, it is highly recommended that you see it at least once in your life. In order to give you a better idea of what you can expect, here are 15 spectacular pictures and interesting facts about Chitral Airport.

15 – Chitral Airport is a small domestic airport.

Chitral Airport

14 – It is situated about 3.7 kilometres north of Chitral city centre.

2 - Chitral Airport 3 -
Photo Credits – Harron Sheikh

13 – The river flows on one side of the airport.

3 - Chitral Airport - 10

12 – The total length of the runway of Chitral Airport is 1,750 meters or 5,741 feet.

4 - Chitral Airport - 12

11 – During winters, the airport and the city of Chitral get covered by a snow.

5 - Chitral Airport 5

10 – Weather conditions often cause delays to flights. Here is a stunning aerial view of Chitral Airport during winters.

6 - Chitral Airport - Winter

9 – The airport consists of a runway and some small buildings.

7 - Chitral Airport - 11 - Mehboob Khalid
Photo Credits – Mehboob Khalid

8 – Only Pakistan International Airline operates in Chitral Airport.

8 - Airport - Photo Credits - Salman Sihindi
Photo Credits – Salman Sihindi

7 – The only flights that you can get to and from Chitral Airport are to and from Islamabad and Peshawar.

9 - ATR Plane - Chitral Airport - 16

6 – ATR is the most commonly used aeroplane for this airport.

10 - Chitral Airport - 4 Azhar Clicks
Photo Credits – Azhar Clicks

5 – Here is a stunning view of Chitral Airport. As the airport is located between the mountains, you can see the shade of a mountain on most part of the runway and sunlight on a little part.

11 - Chitral Airport Picture

4 – Chitral river and the surrounding mountains provide excellent views to the travellers.

12 - Chitral Airport during WInter

3 – Tourists who visit Chitral city can see landing and takeoff of aeroplanes at the Chitral Airport.

13 - Chitral Airport - 8

2 – It is indeed one of the most beautiful airfields in Pakistan.

14 - Chitral Airpor - Photo Credits - Photography by Vagabond
Photography by Vagabond

1 – Here is a stunning aerial view of the amazing Chitral Airport, the Chitral River, and the Chitral City.

Chitral Airport

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