Here’s Why Women Shaving Their Faces Is Not Such A Terrible Idea

Here’s Why Women Shaving Their Faces Is Not Such A Terrible Idea


By Mashal Riaz

Since I was young, my mom used to instruct me not to use razor on any part of my body as it ruins your hair’s texture and growth rate but being the lazy ass I am who doesn’t have time to visit a salon every other week, I sometimes resort to shaving my face and boyy, MY FOUNDATION HAS NEVER LOOKED BETTER!!

When it comes to shaving, the first thing us desis say is that it makes your hair grow back coarse and rough but I did some digging up on it and as it turns out, we are SO wrong about that. And guess what? Japanese women have been doing that for ages!

According to Dr. Debbie Palmer, co-founded of the Dermatology Association of New York, hair does not grow back thicker or faster nor does shaving change the number of hair follicles in the skin or the rate of hair growth. 

We have a certain number of hair follicles in the skin and, if you don’t destroy them with lasers, they will continue to grow in at the same rate and with the same thickness.

What I really like about the idea of shaving is that not only does it make makeup sit better on your face (and hence, appears nicer in pictures) but it also exfoliates your face during the process! 

Your skin not only looks far better and smoother right after shaving but your foundation goes on like silk (my favourite part).

Here’s how you can do it properly:

– Buy a facial razor made specifically for women (this is important). Make sure to use new/clean blades. Using older ones can cause your skin to break out.

– Rub coconut oil or any facewash on the area you want to shave.

– Hold the razor at a 45 degree angle and use both upward and downward motions to remove hair from your face.

– Use any antibacterial product after you’re done. I usually use Tea Tree Solution by The Body Shop but anything with antibacterial properties should do.

While shaving my face has really eased out my skincare routine but here are some issues you might face if you don’t do it the right way: 

– It might lead to skin irritation and breakouts (never happened to me but it does in some cases).

– It may cause ingrown hair and you will have to shave regularly in order to maintain a hair-free face.