Karachi Boils at 44°C with Worst yet to come

Karachi Boils at 44°C with Worst yet to come


The the devastating weather of 44 degree Celsius, Karachi at the moment is the second hottest city in Pakistan, second to only Mithi. The humidity levels have also dropped to 7% in Karachi, and the locals are suffering greatly due to this extreme weather. There is extremely dry and scorching hot winds from the plain lands of the country. It is predicted that the weather would soon jump up to 48 degree Celsius which would be extremely alarming for the locals with very little services to cope with this natural disaster.


According to Pakistan Meterological Department, the temperature of Karachi is to rise even more in coming days.


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“Heat is concentrated at Karachi at the moment, and today the mercury soared to 44°C, but we are expecting it to hit 45°C during the next three days, as sea breeze is completely cut off due to small low pressure areas in the Arabian Sea,” PMD Director General Dr Ghulam Rasool.

This is the third heatwave in Karachi of 2018, and the second time this month when the temperature reached 44°C. Previously, on May 3, the metropolis had claimed similar hot and dry conditions due to suspension of sea breeze that keeps the city’s weather moderate and pleasant despite intense climate in the country’s plain areas.



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Office chief said the temperature of the Arabian Sea is on the rise due to climate change, and due to this, formation of low pressure areas have increased in the sea, which change the wind direction which affects greatly in the climate change of Pakistan.

The Officer chief also claimed that these low pressure areas are the cause of the cutting off of sea breeze towards the metropolis and the blowing of the north-westerly winds, which are warm and dry, and turn the city into a hot oven.

“In addition to small low pressure areas in the Arabian Sea, there is another tropical cyclone brewing in the sea after Cyclone Sagar, which met its fate in the Gulf of Aden,” said Dr Rasool.

“We are keeping a close eye on the situation of cyclones in the Arabian Sea, and will let people know if it is worth reporting,” he said, also saying that Karachi will have to face more of the hotter days in June.

“The next three days are very crucial for Karachi, as the temperature can reach 45°C at any time,” said the Office chief, and urged people to take precautionary measures. He advised them not to venture out during the day, wear light-coloured clothes and drink plenty of water during Sehar and Iftar timings to prevent dehydration.



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