Murree Boycott Movement Heating Up

Murree Boycott Movement Heating Up


Murree has been a tourist spot for many from all over Pakistan, but recent events have shaped a movement that discourages the tourists going to Murree, and is boycotting tourists from going to Murree.

General public has mixed feelings about it, but mostly are in favor of this movement and demand a strict regulation on the hill station. Several testimonials have claimed the exploitative nature of the locals with very little control of law enforcement.

Claims have been made that the prices are skyrocketing of every commodity present for sale, and the locals often misbehave with the tourists coming from different regions of Pakistan.

There have been videos floating around, going viral on the social media that show locals brawling with men of the tourist families, while the women of the family are helplessly crying and yelling for help, and most of the people at sight, who are locals as well, are silently watching and not helping the tourists out of the situation.

These videos have played significant role in triggering the”Boycott Murree Movement” with people joining in from different cities who claim to have experienced the same exploitative behavior of locals on a vacation to Murree. The local authorities have little to say about this, however the movement keeps growing and this may turn into a formidable movement which would effect the tourist industry of Murree very soon.

Locals have a monopoly over the prices set for everything that includes hotel stay, food, parking, basic necessities etc. During the prime season of tourism in Murree, the prices go up several folds with almost no check and balance by the authorities. With the growing number of people having reservations on this, Murree may take a hit to its tourism in near future.

The population of Murree has been growing exponentially in the past decade. With the trees being cut down, and new houses being built, the weather of Murree is not as cold as it used to be. The main attraction for tourists coming in from Punjab are the mountains, cold weather, and snow fall in winters. With the climate change added to the behavior of the locals the “Boycott Murree Movement” can shape into a stronger movement with time. The local authorities must address the concerns of tourists and facilitate them to sustain a healthy tourism industry.

As the summers are approaching, several individuals, families and groups of people must be planning to visit Murree for vacation. It is highly recommended to all, to be careful when dealing with locals, as the sentiments are boiling from both ends at the moment.

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