Here’s Why People Are Infuriated Over The Paid Twitter Trend #ILoveBahriaTown

Here’s Why People Are Infuriated Over The Paid Twitter Trend #ILoveBahriaTown


By M.R.

Earlier today, an official investigation was launched by Chairman NAB against Malik Riaz and Bahria Town for land grabbing and corruption.

Soon after this order was released, a paid hashtag #ILoveBahriaTown surfaced on Twitter that meant to promote the positive aspects of one of the biggest housing societies in Pakistan.

People made sure to highlight the scenic views and extravagant infrastructure the society offers.

Some pointed out that the real state empire has everything when it comes to entertainment, adventure and knowledge.

Buuut like any paid trend, instead of doing any good, it backfired and infuriated people over the injustices the society has been carrying out in the last few decades.

Some used this hashtag to raise some very important and valid issues.

Others mocked digital marketing companies for supporting such land mafias.

What really happened was that Chairman NAB, Javed Iqbal, formally initiated the investigation against Bahria town Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi and asked all the relevant director generals of NAB to logically conclude the inquiry against Bahria Town in accordance with law in three months time frame given by the apex court.

Chairman explained Bahria Town’s situation as “rob Peter to Pay Paul.” His exact words as mentioned in his statement are as follows: