10 Mothers Day Gifts For Our Desi Mothers

10 Mothers Day Gifts For Our Desi Mothers


Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March or May. It complements similar celebrations honoring family members, such as Father’s Day, Siblings Day, and Grandparents Day.

Here are our top picks for you to decide what gifts you can give to your moms this Mothers Day.



A fancy set of gold jewelry should do the trick just about right. All our moms keep collecting little bits of jewelry anyway to give away at their children’s wedding so its nice for a change to give her something that can be actually hers. It does not have to spectacularly fancy. Most desi mothers are prone to detail and the thought behind the gift so dont worry too much if you cant gift her a “Sonai Ka Kara” like your CEO did. Not everyone has the same pockets.



If youre a student or internee, or just generally low on cash this is a good way to show your sentiments to your mother. Desi mom have a natural green thumb and they can keep the flowers alive way longer than you can. Besides it gives them something to take care of which we all know desi mothers enjoy a lot.


Unless your mother isnt diabetic, a little sweet tooth can help lighten up the mood. Even though youre very sure your mom is going to “hide” them away and then forget about it, its still a lovely thing to give to show a little sentiment. If not chocolates, she must be partial to some “Mithai” which you can get her. There’s always a desi solution to thing dont you worry.


Take her out of the house and break her routine. She will enjoy the time spent with you and also feel refreshed after a day out. Driving her around is also a great way for her to get updates about the city and also get chores done because we all know there is a never ending list of that.


Desi mom’s love perfume. Theyre attracted to it like bees to flowers. Even though they will use it very sparingly and only one special occassions, gifting a perfume is a nice way to thank her for all her efforts. Besides everytime she wears it she will think of you.


Most desi moms distrust gadgets and technology and love doing things the old fashioned way but if youre smart about it you could probably find something to buy that will ease her load in the kitchen. Theres a million gadget for cutting, slicing & dicing now that will help tremendously with her work load in the kitchen. No compromise on taste though!

Kitchen Utensils

Another thing desi mom’s do is to love their cutlery even more than their children. Break something and you can expect an inquisition, followed by almost a trial. We’ve all seen stacks upon stacks of “bartan” probably even older than our eldest siblings. Gifting her utensils that she can probably replace the old ones with is a nice idea that will save her time and cash. Be careful though, it has to be from the same company and the same make.

Spa Day

I cant speak for everyone’s mom but a spa day can help her relax and unwind. Sometimes a good massage that relieves a knot in her back or calves can help her relax for more than anything else. Plus she can get pampered and looked after completely and she can come back glowing like a queen she truly is!

Movie Night

Who remembers the phrase “Yai Hamarai Zamanai Ki Film Hai”. With the power technology and social media, gather a tub of popcorns and snacks and a good oldie film. Be fully prepared though since these were usually 3-4 hour spectacles! Pre plan for the bathroom breaks.

Spring Cleaning

You know what makes desi moms like doing the best? Cleaning. So help her out in that and make her day. Wipe the tables, scrub the floor, rub the bannisters, dust the furniture. Nothing and I mean nothing will absolutely make her more happy than you being a tidy little kid folding sheets and putting away your clothes on hangers.