13 Stunning Pictures of Pakistan-India Border

13 Stunning Pictures of Pakistan-India Border


Pakistan and India share approximately 3,000 kilometers of border between them. The border between the two countries is one of the most intensely monitored borders in the world. The two countries have had several wars in the past. Even today, the relations between the two countries are not good and the armies of both the countries are in a constant state of alert. The border between India and Pakistan is full of barbed wires, fences, and army posts.

Here are 13 stunning pictures of Pakistan-India border at different locations.

13 – Pakistan-India Border as seen from Space. The bright orange line is the border.

1 - Pakistan India Border - As Seen From Space

12 – Pakistan-India border in Challiana – Azad Kashmir.

2 - Pakistan and India Border in Challiana - Azad Kashmir

11 – Pakistan-India border in Sialkot area of Pakistan.

3 - Pak-India Border in Sialkot

10 – Ganda Singh Border in Kasur.

4 - Ganda Singh Border - Kasur

9 – Line of Control at Chakothi in Kashmir.

5 - LoC at Chakothi - Kashmir

8 – Zero Line at Suchetgarh in Kashmir.

6 - Zero Line at Suchetgarh - Kashmir

7 – The world famous Wagha Border.

7 - Wagha Border

6 – River in Chakothi area of Kashmir separating the Pakistan-controlled and Indian-controlled part of Kashmir.

8 - River in Chakothi Area of Kashmir Seperating Pakistan and India

5 – Border of Lalhon and Gowindi.

9 - Border of Lalhon and Gowindi

4 – Line of Control at Chakothi in Kashmir.

10 - LoC at Chakothi - Kashmir 1

3 – Pakistan-controlled Keran and Indian-controlled Keran in Keran Village, Neelum Valley in Kashmir.

11 - Pakistani Keran and Indian Keran - Keran Village, Neelam Valley

2 – Siachen is the highest place in India-Pakistan border.

12 - Siachen

1 – Another view of the Pakistan-India border from space. The bright orange line is the border.

13 - India Pakistan Border

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