21 Spectacular Pictures of Karachi’s Rising Skyline

21 Spectacular Pictures of Karachi’s Rising Skyline


Karachi is the financial capital of Pakistan. It accounts for a major percentage of Pakistan’s tax revenue and it has a population of more 25 million. It is the 2nd largest city in the world by population. However, despite its large size and despite its financial status, Karachi did not have many skyscrapers till recently. Thankfully the city is rising and many new high rise buildings are appearing, slowly building the skyline of Karachi. With the development of mega structures like the Bahria Icon Tower, Emaar Towers, and many other buildings, Karachi will soon have a skyline that Pakistani’s will be proud of.

Here are 21 pictures of the rising skyline of Karachi.

21 – This is what the new skyline of Karachi looks like from the beach. Many buildings are currently under construction.

1 - The skyline of Karachi as seen from the sea

20 – This is what the skyline of Karachi will look like in next 3 years when all the under construction buildings get completed.

2 - This is what the skyline of Karachi will look like in a few years after the completion of the under construction skyscrapers
Photo Credits – M.W.Ahmed

19 – Bahria Icon Tower is the tallest building in Pakistan. It has 68 floors and its height is 286 meters.

3 - Bahria Icon Tower - The tallest building of Pakistan in Karachi

18 – The views of Karachi’s skyline are getting better and better day by day.

4 - A Spectacular View of Sea View - Karachi - The Skyline of Karachi is getting better and better day by day

17 – This is what Clifton, Karachi look likes at night. It is one of the busiest commercial areas in the city.

5 - Clifton, Karachi - Photo Credits - Salman Khan

16 – Once Habib Bank Plaza was the tallest building in Pakistan. But now things have changed and there are many buildings taller than this one.

6 - A View of Karachi From UBL Tower

15 – The skyline of Karachi already looks spectacular during the sunsets and the sunrises.

7 - Sunset in Karachi

14 – The sea compliments the under-construction skyscrapers really well.

8 - Crescent Bay - Karachi

13 – Karachi is truly becoming the city of lights.

9 - view from Avari Towers

12 – The skyline of Karachi provides awesome photography opportunities during bright sunny days.

10 - The skyline of Karachi is getting better and better with every passing day

11 – Woah! This surely is something that every Pakistani would be proud of.

11 - Karachi - The City of Lights
Photo Credits – Salman.K

10 – We can expect Karachi to have one of the best skylines in Asia within next 20 years, provided that the city continues to see such growth of skyscrapers in the coming years.

12 - The emerging skyline of Karachi

9 – Check out this spectacular sunrise and the buildings risings in different parts of the city.

13 - An Aerial View of Karachi, Pakistan

8 – Bahria Icon Tower will continue to dominate the skyline of Karachi in the coming years as it is likely to be the tallest building in the city in the next decade or so.

14 - The Spectacular Karachi

7 – The taller buildings will mean more traffic on the roads. So there is an urgent need to upgrade the roads of Karachi.

15 - night skyline karachi

6 –  It is hard to believe that Karachi does not have a proper mass transit system yet. So, it is the need of the hour to compliment such amazing buildings with a property mass transit system, preferably underground metro train system.

16 - Bahria Icon Tower, Karachi
Photo Credits – Rao

5 – Here is a wonderful swimming Pool on top of the 28th Floor of G-4 Corporate Tower. Just check out the wonderful view.

17 - Swimming Pool on top of the 28th Floor of G-4 Corporate Tower - And Also the Spectacular View of Karachi - Woah

4 – The great things about the new skyscrapers is that they have amazing designs. Here is the UBL Headquarters, one of the most stylish buildings in Pakistan.

18 - UBL Tower - Karachi

3 – The night views of Bahria Icon Tower and other buildings are just amazing.

19 - Bahria Icon Tower - Karachi
Photo Credits – Flickers Studio

2 – Currently 19 out of 25 tallest buildings are in Karachi. And it is expected that Karachi will continue to have the best skyline in Pakistan for the forseeable future.

20 - Under-construction 40-storeys Dolmen twin towers in Clifton - Karachi

1 – These are all the buildings currently under construction in downtown Karachi. Many new buildings are under planning as well. Once these buildings are complete, Karachi is going to have a skyline that Pakistanis will be proud of.

21 - Karachi Skyline

Do you think Karachi’s skyline will be good enough to compete with the skyline’s of Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, and Dubai in the next couple of decades? Tell us in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family to tell them how quickly Karachi is developing.