21 Spectacular Aerial Views of Islamabad and its Surroundings

21 Spectacular Aerial Views of Islamabad and its Surroundings

Islamabad Aerial View

Islamabad is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. One of the main features of Islamabad is the abundance of greenery and trees. It is also one of the most modern cities in Pakistan. Not only the city is a major business hub of the country, it is also one of the top tourist destinations. You might have seen many pictures of Islamabad that show the beauty of different places in the city. However, in order to have a better idea of what Islamabad is really like and how green it really is, one has to have a bird’s eye view of the city. We have compiled 21 spectacular pictures of Islamabad that show the amazing aerial views of the city. Here they are.

21 – The blue water of Rawal Lake looks beautiful in aerial photographs.

1 - Rawal Lake

20 – An amazing view of NUST. It is one of the best universities in Pakistan and it has an amazingly beautiful campus.

2 - Nust

19 – This is the new Islamabad International Airport.

3 - New Islamabad International Airport

18 – This is Khanpur Dam, located near Islamabad.

4 - Khanpur Dam

17 – Metro Bus station as seen from above.

5 - Metro Bus Station

16 – Centaurus Shopping Mall in Islamabad is one of the hottest shopping destinations in the city.

6 - Centaurus Mall

15 – Here is an amazing picture of Faisal Mosque and the surrounding greenery.

7 - Faisal Mosque

14 – Faisal Mosque is truly an architectural wonder. It looks stunning with the green Margalla Hills in the background.

8 - Margalla Hills and the Faisal Mosque

13 – A beautiful view of the Lake View Park located next to the Rawal Lake.

9 - Lake View Park - Islamabad

12 – The beautiful Race Course Ground, Rawalpindi.

10 - Racecours Ground Rawalpindi

11 – Amazing aerial view of Jinnah Stadium, Islamabad.

11 - Jinnah Sports Stadium

10 – Murree Expressway is the main road that links Islamabad to Murree and beyond. Here is a stunning picture of the Murree Expressway.

12 - Islamabad Murree Expressway

9 – Gone are the days when Islamabad was a small city. This picture shows the size and scale of Islamabad. And this is not even the entire city. It is just one part of the city.

13 - Islamabad Spectacular

8 – A beautiful picture of Shifa International Hospital. It is one of the biggest hospitals in the capital.

14 - Shifa International Hospital

7 – Rawalpindi and Islamabad are often referred to as the twin cities. In this picture, Rawalpindi is on the right side and Islamabad is on the left side.

15 - Rawalpindi on the right and Islamabad on the Left

6 – This is what Fatima Jinnah Park also known as F-9 Park looks like from the sky.

16 - Fatima Jinnah Park - Islamabad

5 – Here is another aerial photograph of Faisal Mosque from a different angle. The buildings of Blue Area can be seen in the picture as well.

17 - Faisal Mosque

4 – A stunning picture of Pakistan Monument on a sunny day.

18 - Pakistan Monument

3 – This is what NUST looks like on dark cloudy afternoons.

19 - Nust Dark Clouds

2 – Another amazing aerial view of Fatima Jinnah Park, Islamabad. The tennis courts and cricket ground in the Fatima Jinnah Park can be seen in the picture.

21 - Fatima Jinnah Park

1 – Here is a stunning aerial view of Margalla Hills. Rawal Lake and Islamabad City are also visible in the photo.

Aerial View of Islamabad and the Margalla Hills

The credits of these photographs go to the Hydapses LightBox and other amazing photographers who took these amazing pictures. What are your thoughts about Islamabad and these spectacular pictures? Let Us know in the comments section below.