If You Are Trying To Get Over Someone You Are In Love...

If You Are Trying To Get Over Someone You Are In Love With, This Is For You


By M.R. 

Getting over someone is a hard, long and time-taking process especially if you are trying to forget someone you have been in a relationship with. While it’s completely understandable to feel that it might never happen, understand that there’s light at the end of the tunnel and you WILL get over that bad breakup that screwed you over.

There are no hard and fast rules as to what might help let go but with certain strategies and time, your pain will fade. Just believe in yourself and keep trying.

Remove them from your social media:

It’s important to delete/unfollow them so you don’t see their posts on your timeline randomly and are reminded of them. You don’t need to be know what’s going on in their lives because it’s only gonna remind you of all the good times you shared with them making the whole process very difficult.

Don’t stay in touch:

Some people decide to stay friends after a breakup, but trust me on this: IT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA. You will never get your closure if you stay in touch. Get some space and break away completely right after the breakup.

Don’t rebound:

DO NOT, in any circumstances, get in a relationship with someone just because you miss your ex. It will only make the whole process of letting go and move on complicated. Give yourself some time to heal, you will feel like yourself in no time.

Delete all texts/pictures that remind you of them:

Even if you cut off all ties, it will still be hard to get over them if your life is filled with reminders of that person. The best practice is to get rid of all photos and texts you still have of them. The less you see of them everyday, the better it is for your healing process. Oh and yes, get rid of those love songs you are listening on repeat.

Live life and move on:

It will seem hard at first but if you push yourself hard enough, you can do this. Understand that a breakup doesn’t mean the end of the world. Go out with friends, meet new people and enjoy your life while you can.

There is no set time limit for healing because love is a messy emotion and each relationship has its own memories and feelings. Give yourself time and everything will be all right.