These 23 Pictures of Islamabad At Night Will Leave You Amazed!

These 23 Pictures of Islamabad At Night Will Leave You Amazed!


Islamabad the most well planned cities in Pakistan. This beautiful capital city of Pakistan is blessed with a lot of natural beauty. Add to that the modern developments and infrastructure, and you have one of the best cities in the world. The beauty of Islamabad at night reaches new heights, as the residents of this amazing city get to see amazing scenes from the Margalla Hills. If you have not visited Islamabad, and if you have not seen the city at night, it is highly recommended that you visit and see the spectacular scenes at night. Here are 23 stunning pictures of Islamabad at night. These pictures will surely leave you amazed.

23 – Check out the highways, streets, and buildings shining bright at night. This aerial picture shows how well planned the city is.

22 – If you want to see the beauty of Islamabad in its full glory, then Monal is the place to be at night.

21 – The Saidpur Village located in Islamabad looks wonderful at night.

Photo Credits – Syed Mohsin Raza

20 – Here is a stunning picture of Blue Area, the main business district of Islamabad.

Photo Credits – Obaid-Ullah

19 – The wide roads of Islamabad are well lit at night. Here is a view of the 9th Avenue at night.

Photo Credits – Sohail Akram

18 – These beautiful fountains at the sides of 7th Avenue are a wonderful attraction at night.

Photo Credits – Mateen Tahir Photography

17 – Here is a wonderful view of Centaurus Mall at night.

16 – The close-up view of Centaurus Mall at night is even better!

Photo Credits – Ishtiaq Ahmed

15 – Almost all the major markets of Islamabad are full of people at night. Here is F-11 Markaz a modern shopping area of Islamabad.

14 – If you are not a very social person, then you can always go for long drives at such lonely roads in the capital.

Photo Credits – Ahmad Mohiuddin

13 – Margalla Hills provide the best views of the city at night.

Photo Credits Abbas Shah

12 – The city looks absolutely stunning on full moon nights.

Photo Credits – Asmar Hussain

11 – Its not just the roads and markets that look beautiful. The parks also look wonderful. Here is stunning picture of the Lake view park.

Photo Credits – Ali Shah

10 – Imagine walking in this park at night.

9 – The views of Rawal Lake are just breathtaking at night. Checkout the moonlight reflecting from the water of Rawal Lake.

Photo Credits – Farrukh Waheed

8 – You will see a number of well lit buildings at night. This little gem is The Olympus Mall located in F-11 Markaz.

Photo Credits – Mustafa

7 – Driving on Kashmir highway at night is a great experience.

6 – This is what the Peshawar Mor Interchange on the Kashmir Highway looks like at night.

Photo Credits – Muizz Sajid

5 – Best place to enjoy dinner in Islamabad? Of course, it is Monal.

4 – The road to Pir-Sohawa has several view points which provide amazing views of the city.

Photo Credits – Haider Zahid

3 – The nights in Islamabad are even better when it rains.

2 – Fatima Jinnah park is another great place to visit at night. You can take some great photos at this famous ‘Bara-Dari’ in Fatima Jinnah Park.

1 – And who can forget the majestic Faisal Mosque. It is without doubt, one of the most beautiful mosques in the world. And it looks even more beautiful at night.

Photo Credits – Muhammad Usman