31 Amazing Pictures and Interesting Facts About Nathiagali

31 Amazing Pictures and Interesting Facts About Nathiagali


Nathiagali is one of the most beautiful mountain resort towns in Pakistan. This amazing hill station is located in Abbottabad District of Khyber Pakhtunkhtunkhwa province. The beautiful hill station is a part of the Galyat range hill stations. Nathiagali is known for its deep jungles, spectacular views, excellent hiking opportunities, and wonderful weather. If you have not visited this amazing hill station, it is highly recommended that you visit this hill station during vacations. You will surely have an amazing time. In order to give you a better idea about this amazing place, we have compiled a list of 31 amazing pictures and interesting facts about Nathiagali. Here they are.

31 – Nathiagali is located at a distance of 34 kilometers from Murree.

1 - Dungagali in Nathiagali

30 – It takes about 1 hour to reach Nathiagali from Murree.

2 - Nathiagali
Photo Credits – Ameer Aftab

29 – You will get to see such magnificent views when you reach Nathiagali.

3 - Nathiagali View

28 – Nathiagali is situated at a greater altitude than the rest of Glaiyat. Therefore, the weather is much cooler here.

4 - Nathiagali weather

27 – It rains often in Nathiagali and this is how it looks when it rains.

5 - Nathiagali, Abbotabad, KPK
Photo Credits – Rizwan Ullah

26 – During the British Era, Nathiagali served as the summer headquarters of the Chief Commissioner.

6 - Green Retreat Nathiagali
Photo Credits – Ameer Aftab

25 – You will get to see such beautiful umbrellas on display, on your way to Nathiagali.

7 - Murree Nathiagali Road
Photo Credits – Aamir Ali Choudhry

24 – Nathiagali has a pretty good modern road network and has almost all the amenities of life.

8 - Nathiagali Photo
Photo Credits – Saad Karim

23 – This is the famous Dagri Bungalow Rest House in Nathiagali.

9 - Dagri Bungalow Rest House - Nathiagali
Photo Credits – Muhammad Umair Aslam

22 – This is a famous park in Nathiagali.

10 - Nathiagali Park 1

21 – Nathiagali receives heavy snowfall during winters. And it is one of the best places in Pakistan to enjoy snowfall.

11 - Nathiagali Park

20 – The temperature can drop as low as -10 °C during winters.

12 - Nathiagali
Photo Credits – Mazhar Ali

19 – You can enjoy horse riding as well in Nathiagali.

13 - Nathiagali
Photo Credits – Shehzaad Maroof Photography

18 – There are a number of hotels and rest houses in Nathiagali. You will find hotels with high prices as well as ones with low prices.

14 - Nathiagali - Pine walnut oakmaple trees -

17 – Where else will you find such breathtaking views.

15 - View of Nathiagali in Winter
Photo Credits – Arslan Zafar

16 – The sunsets and sunrises are just amazing.

16 - Nathiagali

15 – Nathiagali has mostly Pine trees, walnut trees, and oak trees, and maple trees.

17 - Nathiagali Road
Photo Credits – Alizay Jaffer

14 – There are many good hiking and walking trails in Nathiagali.

18 - Nathiagali Hiking Track

13 – Nathiagali has very dense jungles. Many species of wild animals are found in these jungles.

19 - Deep Jungles of Nathiagali, #KPK

12 – The weather of Nathiagali is mostly cool, pleasant and foggy during summers.

20 - Beautiful view of Nathiagali Pakistan
Photo Credits – Shahrose Khan

11 – This is the famous Nathiagali – Ayubia walking track.

21 - Ayubia Nathiagali Track

10 – Mushkpuri Top is a great place in Nathiagali.

22 - Mushkpuri Top Nathia Gali
Photo Credits – M Zakaria

9 – The views from the Mushkpuri top are just incredible. You can reach this place by hiking from Nathiagali.

23 - Mushkpuri Top - Nathiagali - KPK

8 – Here is a view of the track that leads to Mushkpuri Top.

24 - Mushkpuri Trech - Nathiagali - KPK

7 – The clouds will greet you often in this incredible hill station.

25 - Nathiagali Road
Photo Credits – Abdullah

6 – Recently the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa did a lot of uplifting work in Nathiagali and other areas of Galiyat. And now Nathiagali looks even better than before.

26 - Nathiagali
Photo Credits – Khurram Shahzad

5 – Here is a church in Nathiagali.

27 - St Metthews Church, Nathiagali, Pakistan

4 – This is the Nathiagali Governor House.

28 - Governor House - Nathiagali
Photo Credits – iAlam

3 – Check out this spectacular evening view of Nathiagali.

29 - Beautiful evening view on the way to NathiaGali
Photo Credits – Asim Mushtaq

2 – The number of tourists that visit Nathiagali is increasing every year. And it is because of such scenes that the tourists get to see.

30 - Nathiagali Road

1 – Be it winter or summer, Nathiagali is a perfect weekend retreat.

31 - Breathtaking View of Nathiagali
Photo Credits – Sharjeel Ahmad Khan

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