25 Reasons Why Islamabad is The Most Liveable City in Pakistan

25 Reasons Why Islamabad is The Most Liveable City in Pakistan


When it comes to determining the most livable city in any country, there are a number of factors that we have to consider. Some of these factors include the availability of basic resources, infrastructure in the city, environmental situation, location, and transportation. Based on many different factors, we can safely say that Islamabad is overall the best city to live in Pakistan. It easily beats Lahore and Karachi and other cities of Pakistan. In case you are wondering why is it the best city to live in, we have compiled a list of 25 reasons that tell why.

Here are the 25 reasons why Islamabad is the most livable city in Pakistan.

25 – There are many small and large parks in Islamabad.

Japanese Park - Islamabad

24 – There are no rickshaws in the city and therefore less noise pollution.

20 - Constitutions Avenue - Islamabad
Photo Credits – Asif Munawar


23 – It is one of the greenest cities in Pakistan.

23 - Spectacular Islamabad
Photo Credits – Muhammad Farooq Azeemi

22 – The weather of Islamabad is pretty good most of the year.

23 - A Beautiful View of Islamabad From Silver Oaks

21 – Islamabad has much better sports facilities than the rest of the country.

21 - Jinnah Sports Complex Islamabad

20 – The city hardly sees any traffic jams.

Islamabad Night Traffic

19 – Islamabad will soon have the best airport in Pakistan.

19 - Aerial View of New Islamabad International Airport

18 – A number of good hill stations like Murree and Nathiagali are located close to Islamabad. And the residents can visit these places on weekends.

18 - Murree Expressway
Photo Credits – Hamid Qureshi

17 – The city often hosts major international and national sports, commerce, industry, and entertainment events.

17 - Islamabad Ted X

16 – It has some of the best malls in Pakistan.

16 - Centaurus Mall

15 – Islamabad has some of the best mosques in the country. The city also has churches for Christians and places of worship for other religions.

15 - Faisal Mosque - Islamabad
Photo Credits – Usman Miski

14 – It has some of the best cafes, restaurants, and hotels in the country.

14 - Monal Restaurant - Islamabad

13 – There are many great places of leisure, entertainment, and fitness in the city.

13 - Fun City Islamabad

12 – Islamabad has great road and transportation infrastructure.

Jinnah Avenue - Islamabad

11 – Islamabad is a very scenic city with great aesthetics.

7th Avenue
Photo Credits – Xain Sheikh

10 – Because of its close proximity to the northern areas of Pakistan, Islamabad serves as the base for many of the foreign and local tourists who visit northern areas of Pakistan.

10 - Who would like to drive on this magnificent road with such amazing views - Karakoram Highway

9 – The security and law & order situation is much better in Islamabad as compared to the rest of the country. The crime rate is also comparatively low.

9 - Islamabad Police

8 – The residents of Islamabad can go to Margalla hills for hiking and picnics.

8 - Islamabad Hiking Trail

7 – Islamabad has the best health facilities in Pakistan.

7 - Shifa Hospital6 – There are many world class schools, colleges, and universities in Islamabad.

6 - Nust Islamabad Campus

5 – There are plenty of employment opportunities as many multinational companies have their head offices or regional offices in the city.

5 - Blue Area Islamabad
Photo Credits – Obaid Ullah

4 – It is the cleanest city in Pakistan.

A Magnificent View of Blue Area - Islamabad

3 – A vast majority of Islamabad’s population is literate.

3 - Islamabad People

2 – It is a very well planned city.

1 - The Amazing Islamabad

1 – The overall standard of living in Islamabad is much better than the other cities in Pakistan.

1 - This is Islamabad

Because of these 25 reasons, Islamabad is the best city in Pakistan. Share this article with your friends and family to let them know about the features that make Islamabad the most livable city in Pakistan.