19 Breathtaking Glaciers in Pakistan You Must See Before They Disappear

19 Breathtaking Glaciers in Pakistan You Must See Before They Disappear


When it comes to glaciers and snow covered mountain peaks, Pakistan is a highly blessed country. Pakistan not only has some of the highest snow covered mountians in the world, but it also has some of the biggest and most amazing glaciers in the world. These glaciers are located in the northern areas of Pakistan and they are a major source of water for the residents of these areas and even the lower areas. Due to the changing weather patrens around the world, and global climate change, many weather experts predict that there can be a significant increase in glaciers in Pakistan. And we can see many of these amazing glaciers melt in the coming years.

Here are the 19 most amazing glaciers in Pakistan that you must visit before you they disappear.

1 – Baltoro Glacier


1- Baltoro Glacier

2 – Passu Glacier

2- Passu Glacier

3 – Panmah Glacier

3- Panmah Glacier

4 – Batura Glacier

4- Batura Glacier

5 – Godwin-Austin Glacier

5- Godwin-Austen Glacier

6 – Panmah Glacier 

6- Panmah Glacier

7 – Biarchedi Glacier

7- Biarchedi Glacier

8 – Bilafond Glacier

8- Bilafond Glacier

9 – Biafo Glacier

9- Biafo Glacier

10 – Gondogoro Glacier

10 - Gondogoro Glacier

11 – Vigne Glacier

PAKISTAN, Karakoram Range.

12 – Abruzzi Glacier

11- Abruzzi Glacier

13 – Hisper Glacier

12- Hispar Glacier

14 – Miar Glacier

13- Miar Glacier

15 – Hussaini Glacier

15- Hussaini Glacier

16 – Shani Glacier

16- Shani Glacier

17 – Sarpo Laggo

17- Sarpo Laggo

18 – Rupal Glacier

18- Rupal Glacier 19 – K 2 Glacier

19 - K 2 Glacier

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