7 Fitness Hacks for Busy People

7 Fitness Hacks for Busy People



SO many people answer with “I don’t get time for fitness” when asked why they’re out of shape. It’s been an excuse for many for the longest time. Perhaps there is truth to it, there’s a lot to do in these evolving times and fitness is often not the priority. Here’s a list of things you can do to stay fit with a tough schedule.


  • Make the list

Making a list of things you want to focus on during your free time is helpful in many ways. Instead of swiping through same old 4 social media apps, you can put that limited time in good use and move a muscle or two. There’s always a way to take out a few minutes every day for healthy lifestyle if the time is managed well.


  • Exercise less, but often

Perfection is often the enemy of progress. It isn’t absolutely necessary to do a full-blown 1 hours workout every day to live a healthy lifestyle, and make an excuse of not having time if you fail to do so. Instead, you can choose to do a small 15-30min basic workout, like jumping jack, squats, running, walking, or a combination of all. If you do these every day, you are going to witness a significant amount of health improvements.


  • Quick 10min recipes

Busy people don’t have the luxury of time to take 30min long for preparing a meal that fulfills the required nutritional value. Learn some super quick recipes. And make sure you have all the required ingredients ready before hand. A well-prepared week-long meal plan which is easy to prepare helps to stay on track.


Source: Good House Keeping



  • Exercise with your kids

Your kids know how to have fun. Join them! It’s for your own good. Play cricket, football volleyball, badminton or whatever you both would enjoy. This will give you guys time to bond, and stay healthy at the same time. Also, a great way to have them put down that smart phone you’re so sick of.


Source: Apex Japan


  • Pick healthy hotels when travelling

When travelling extensively, it’s important to pick out the hotels that have a gym or a swimming pool which you can take some time out for. Also, a healthy menu is a must. If you’re travelling a lot and wish to stay healthy, the hotel you’re choosing to stay at should provide you with all the facilities required.



  • Supersets

Incorporating Super sets in your workout routine is a great way to achieve an optimum level of muscle exercise while taking about half the time. Super sets are making a combination of exercises that are opposite to each other. For example, if you’re training your chest, it’s a great idea to do a set for your back soon after, without any rest. Super sets are great for fat burning as well, and research has shown great fitness benefits for it.


  • Straight Out of Bed Exercises

When you wake up, the body has been in a fasting position for 7-8 hours. This is the best time to do a quick cardio, or Straight out of bed exercises like crunches, body weight squats, plank etc. This is especially helpful for weight loss as the body is generating energy using the fat accumulated around the body, same fat you want to get rid of.


Source: Men’s Fitness



Alright, you’re out of excuses now. Have a good time living a healthier life, and remember:


“Your only limit is you”