Ex-Parliamentarian Haider Abbas Rizvi Has Been Seen Driving Uber In Canada &...

Ex-Parliamentarian Haider Abbas Rizvi Has Been Seen Driving Uber In Canada & People Are Losing It


By M.R.

Haider Abbas Rizvi, a former Deputy Parliamentary Leader of MQM in the National Assembly of Pakistan, was recently captured driving Uber in Canada and the public has mixed feelings about it.

This MQM’s senior leader distanced himself from the main politics of the party and had been keeping a low profile by residing in Canada for a while now.

Earlier, a video of him driving an Uber was released on social media that sparked a dialogue on the internet. While some people are siding with him for trying to earn an honest living, others are arguing that he’s being punished for trying to rob the country.

Furqan Siddiqui, a Media Professional, claims to be proud of his friend trying for working honestly. 

According to Senator T Mashhadi, the very fact that he is driving a taxi speaks volumes of his honesty & belief in dignity of labour.

Some people believe that Uber is lucky to have such a leader onboard.

Others are proud of him for working hard to make the both ends meet. 

People believe that Haider Abbas deserves to be recognized and appreciated for this act. 

And that this is not something he should be bashed over for. 

While most people are supporting him, there are others who are making fun of him for working with a cab company in Canada. 

Ask yourself this question though: if this is all true, then doesn’t this cement his credentials as an industrious, non-corrupt politician who served his constituents & takes pride in hard-earned legal income?