Imran Khan Ki Shadi Mein Pakistani Deewanay

Imran Khan Ki Shadi Mein Pakistani Deewanay


By Maha Usman

A Pakistani millennial reminiscing about their life is likely to remember some eye-opening events and facts about Pakistan. They typically include events such as Benazir’s reign, PTV times, the-no-check-post Pakistan, and many more. One person who has always given us events to remember is our Kaptaan, Imran Khan.

Ever since we were kids, Khan Sahab has been talking about his marriage(or divorce…ahem). Known for being the heartthrob/stud-muffin/global celebrity crush/ Pakistan’s sweetheart, body goals and whatnot that he is, the Chairman PTI is also known to be quite famous among the ladies of our country.

Here are some memes under the light of Imran Khan’s married life:

Source: Twittistaan

Ho ho ho!

When Imran Khan surprises us with the news of him getting married, you’re likely to hear these responses:

  1. Hamari abhi tak ek bhi nai hui…

2. Yeah so that’s his personal matter, let him be.

3. I wanted to marry him! *sobs sobs*

4. This is too much, this man is just a drama queen. Kya publicity stunt hai…

5. Meanwhile, there are people like Gharida Farooqui who state facts even if they sound bitter.

Source: Twitter


However, this is also true *nods along*


6. Dude, he won us the world cup! *fades back to North Korea*

Anyway, the news of Immy Kay getting married for the third time has gone viral as we see. The fact that our awaam can’t digest the fact that it’s his third marriage/ it’s with a woman who came in out of the blue, is getting a bit too much for all of us. Can’t some slack, yaar. 

Let’s have a look at the varied views on our social media newsfeed. Here’s a little teaser though,

Oops, just kidding, yo!

Source: Unknown
Source: Dunya

It seems as if we as Pakistanis are always waiting for something to happen so we can generate memes about it. The thrill and the humor shared after whatever happens is celebrated though. No matter what happens around the country, our people know how to churn it into something comical. Obviously, it’s not liked by everyone all the time. Stop making fun of him, people :p Go back to work, look at you trying to look busy reading this.