Naeem Ul Haq Slaps Danyal Aziz On-Screen: FULL VIDEO!

Naeem Ul Haq Slaps Danyal Aziz On-Screen: FULL VIDEO!


By M.R.

Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaaf Leader, Naeem Ul Haq, and Minister of Privatization, Danyal Aziz, made an appearance together yesterday on Tuesday, 23rd May at “Aapas Ki Baat”, a live show on GEO News.

Danyal Aziz made some inappropriate comments that resulted in a heated argument between the two and Naeem Ul Haq ended up slapping him.

According to the details, Aziz called him a “thief” which was when he lost his temper and became violent.

Muneeb Farooq, the anchorperson of the show, kept trying to cool the two down, but it didn’t help. Pakistan People’s Party’s representative Nafeesa Shah, also a guest speaker at the show, left the show following the incident.

This was, however, not the first time this PTI leader has thrown a fit on-screen. Earlier in 2011, he threw a glass of water at a Pakistan People’s Party leader, Jamil Somro, during a live show and left the set.

People on Twitter have mixed ideas about the incident.

Some pointed out that this is no way to behave in a live television show. 

Others requested Imran Khan to take disciplinary action against him.  

Some even applauded and praised Naeem Ul Haq for what he did!

This person pointed out that resorting to physical violence is not the solution no matter what!