Get Rid Of Your Cell Phone Addiction In 5 Easy Steps

Get Rid Of Your Cell Phone Addiction In 5 Easy Steps


By M.R.

While the advancement in technology and development of smartphones has brought everyone closer by easing out the communication channel and provided everyone with the ability to access the entirety of the internet on-the-go, it has also given us an addiction to our mobile devices.

According to a research from the media analytics company comScore, an average adult spent approximately 2 hours and 51 minutes on their smartphone every single day in 2017 which is 36% more time any of us spend eating or drinking. 

As the functionality of cell phones is constantly improving and expanding, the likelihood of mobile dependence is also increasing.

Not only does this obsession cause several physical and psychological damages such as eye strain and sleep disorders but is also partially to blame for the distracted driving that kills an estimated nine people each day and injures more than 1,000.

Do you think that you have cell phone addiction? Do you have a habit of checking your phone even when it didn’t vibrate or ring?

Well, no problem because here are some 5 easy steps you can follow to get rid of this obsession.

1. Turn off notifications: 

The first step towards getting over your mobile phone obsession is to turn off notifications for all irrelevant applications. Customize your notifications for important things so your phone only vibrates or beeps for something significant.

2. Keep it in a separate room while studying or working: 

In order to stop being tempted to check your phone every ten minutes, make sure to keep it in another room while you’re doing something important. This will help you prevent getting trapped in the viscous circle of texts, emails and phone calls.

3. Keep a low charge:

One important thing to physically restrain yourself from using your smartphone for extended periods is to keep it at a low charge. If you know that you don’t have much battery left in your device, you will only use it for emergencies.

4. Delete all gaming and addictive applications:

Get rid of all the applications you are addicted to, be it Facebook, Twitter or Temple Run. By eliminating such time-wasting and attention-seeking apps, you can free yourself from the urdge to draw your phone out from your pocket every five minutes.

5. Do not use your phone as a watch or an alarm clock:

The moment we wake up, we go straight to browsing Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Distance yourself from tech in a meaningful way by cutting back on using your phone as an alarm clock or a watch. It’s best to resort to wearing wrist watches and relying on them to check the time.