Pakistan Ranked Number 1 Adventure Travel Destination For 2018

Pakistan Ranked Number 1 Adventure Travel Destination For 2018


Yet again, Pakistan makes it to the top of another travel and tourism list. This time the British Backpacker Society has ranked Pakistan, the number country to visit for adventure seekers in the year 2018. The British Backpacker Society ranked 20 countries and Pakistan came on top. The reason behind this top ranking of Pakistan is quite obvious, the amazingly beautiful and full of adventure, Northern Areas of Pakistan. Every year, thousands of foreign tourists visit the Northern Areas of Pakistan for tourism, mountain climbing, camping, rafting and many other hobbies. Not only the country provides a perfect landscape for the adventure seekers to have some thrill and adventure, it also has some of the friendliest people in the world.

A View of Hon Pass – Photo Credits – British Backpacker Society

Here, it is worth mentioning that the British Backpackers Society has explored 101 countries.  Some other countries that were highly recommended for tourism by the British Backpackers Society were Russia, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, India, and China. However, Pakistan was the clear winner because of out of this world scenery provided by its Northern Areas.

Hussaini Bridge in Hunza. Passu Cones can be seen in the background – Photo Credits – Augustin Umer

It would not be wrong to say that Pakistan has been performing quite well in the tourism department in the recent years. The number of foreign tourists visiting the country is increasing with every passing year. And despite this gradual increase, the number of tourists visiting each year is not where near the true potential that Pakistan has. So, there is a need for the government and the private sector to do more in the tourism department. Not only will it bring foreign revenue along with the foreign tourists, it will also help develop the soft image of Pakistan.

For now, enjoy these amazing pictures of Pakistan that show why the British Backpacker Society has ranked Pakistan the number one adventure tourist destination in 2018.

Flying in front of Nanga Parbat , 9th highest mountain on earth , Himalaya Pakistan.
A Girl Enjoying the Spectacular View of Attabad Lake – Photo By Rabia Shafi
Baltoro Glacier near Concordia Camp, K2. This region has a high concentration of eight thousanders, the mountain peaks above 8000 m. Photo Credits – Asad Khan
Amazing View of Mitre Peak From Concordia, Karakoram Range, Pakistan
Amazing View of Attabad Lake, Hunza Valley, Pakistan
Aansu Lake in Naran Valley

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