30 Stunning Pictures of Makran Coastal Highway

30 Stunning Pictures of Makran Coastal Highway

Makran Coastal Highway

Pakistan has many amazing roads located in different parts of the country. From the historic GT road to the newly built Karakoram highway, there are endless opportunities for travelers to enjoy great road trips. About 15 years ago, Pakistan built a new road alongside the coastline of Balochistan and Sindh. This beautiful road is known as Makran Coastal Highway. It is also known as N-10 (National Highway 10). Makran Coastal Highway connects Karachi to Gwadar and goes all the way to Iran. The highway passes through the towns of Ormara and Pasni as well. Makran Coastal Highway is an excellent road for a bike ride or for a long drive on car.

Here are the 30 Stunning pictures of Makran Coastal Highway that will make you want to take a road trip on this road ASAP!

1 – A wonderful aerial view of Makran Coastal Highway, the beach, and the rock formations!1

2 – The weather can be surprising as well.2

3 – You will see such beautiful sand dunes all along the way.3

4 – Every curve of the highway presents a new scenery.4

5 – There is little traffic on the Highway.5

6 – Another beautiful view of the highway from an airplane!6

7 – The rocky formations take you to a whole new world!7

8 – Princes of Hope rock formation is a very popular sight on the Makran Coastal Highway. 8

9 – Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea while traveling on the highway.9

10 – A few signs are in place to guide the travelers. 10

11 – Beautiful clean beaches as far as you can see.11

12 – Sand dunes present a unique scenery.12

13 – You will get the urge to stop and enjoy some summer sun at several places on the highway.13

14 – You will be in awe of the amazing landscape Balochistan has to offer.14

15 – Sand dunes as far as you can see.15

16 – The highway provides a great opportunity for bikers to have the road trip of a lifetime.16 - Photo Credits -Muhammad Iqbal Ghangla

17 – Enjoy the sunset along the way.17 - Muhammad Iqbal Ghangla

18 – You will see plenty of trucks going fro Karachi to Gwadar.18

19 – Here is a spectacular picture of a Pakistani truck on the Makran Coastal Highway.19 - Iqbal Khatris Photography

20 – The views keep getting better and better.20

21 – There are some areas along the highway with little vegetation.21

22 – You will see fishermen and boats at different places along the highway. 22 - Photo Credits - Saad Umair Photography

23 – The night sky has millions of stars and looks amazing.23

24 – Sign Boards will keep you on track.24

25 – This is what Princes of Hope rock formation looks like at night. 25

26 – The beaches keep on getting better.26

27 – Camels are common in Balochistan and you will get to see them along the Makran Coastal Highway.27

28 – You can do picnic and enjoy a day in the sun on the beach along the highway.28

29 – This is what sunrise looks like from Makran Coastal Highway.29

30 – You will surely fall in love with this beautiful highway and the spectacular beaches along the way.30

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