Reasons to Crush Over Munib Nawaz

Reasons to Crush Over Munib Nawaz


By Maha Usman

Munib Nawaz is a name synonymous with the fashion industry of Pakistan. He has been known for his brand named after him, since 2003.

He is the first designer to have showcased a collection at the ‘Miami Fashion Week 2009’ which also exhibited designers from over 24 countries.


From Sidharth Malhotra to Shoaib Malik, Nawaz has designed clothes for hell lotta male celebrities.

1.Makes ‘Woah Types’ Clothes:

In 2003, Munib Nawaz launched his dream project which paved way for men’s wear not only in Pakistan but across the globe as well. His designs are well infused with Pakistan’s heritage and the global design aesthetics.

2. Those Looks <3 

Look at him! That aesthetically pleasing face on top of all those talents and charisma makes Nawaz such a stud muffin for all of us. Our tharki eyes give him 10/10. Oops…he’s married though. Ahem, let’s just stop here.


3. He’s a Proud Pakistani

In an interview spotted on Youtube, the talented designer expressed his love for his motherland, have a look:

4. His RJ Skills!

Did you know the world known entrepreneur/ designer is a radio jockey on FM89! He has his own show which is called ‘Tailormade’. The soothing voice and his wit make the show even more lively and fun to listen to. Do check it out if y’all can.


5.Twitter Check Karo Yaar: 

Dear Mr @giorgioarmani 

Haye Inshallah!

What Else Do We Like About Munib?:

The heartthrob hottie happens to be a tennis buff; he plays every day for at least an hour.

My heart

His idea of the perfect adventure is participating in the Formula 1 races or any other sport, at a national level.

The creative powerhouse has an honors degree in marketing and aspires to be a writer someday.

Sigh, look at that! 

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