The Witch Hunt Of Pakistani Girls On Twitter Just Keeps On Getting...

The Witch Hunt Of Pakistani Girls On Twitter Just Keeps On Getting Better & Better


Following the Pakistani Twitter episode featuring Khalid Bajwa, CEO of Patari, a lot of girls took it upon themselves to expose Adil Awan, member of the TDF (The Digital Factory) family. Several minor girls came forward and accused him of sending them unsolicited pictures/vulgar messages and asking them to engage in unethical activities with him.

Soon after multiple screen-shots of Adil’s conversations were leaked, people started messaging the brands currently engaged with TDF professionally to cut off any relations with the company.

Pakistan’s largest companies including Careem, Telenor and issued a formal statement on Twitter stating that they have parted ways with the organization on an immediate basis due to Adil’s misconduct.  

Who run the world? Girls, girls!

As a response to this whole fiasco, TDF issued a formal statement earlier today and boyy, it is a HUUUUGE PR disaster (that too for a company that itself is a PR agency).

The Twitter lot sure as hell didn’t take it well.

The company thinks that it’s only a foreign agenda trying to defame them.. like okay.

You surely can’t fire you, can you? Instead, you release this bizarre PR statement.

This girl even stepped forward and fixed their statement for them.