Top 3 Exercises To Get Those Chiseled V-Cut Abs

Top 3 Exercises To Get Those Chiseled V-Cut Abs


By Osama Ather

When it comes to body building or the general male dream of getting a ripped Greek god body the most difficult muscle group to work on or get results out of is the core/ abdomen.

Yes!!! Abs!!!


Why? You ask. Well it all started when the Greek school of art established itself on the principles of idealism, the Greeks used to honor there warriors and gods by depicting them in the most “inhumanly” perfect way they could think of and one of the most attractive features that one spot in these works of art are the undeniably well-defined, gorgeous v cut abs.


But fear not dear comrades as we have unraveled the secrets behind getting these babies, today we bring to you 3 simple exercises that would help you achieve your Greek god body.

Ooo, want some? YES! Easy peasy, muscle, squeezy…

  1. Jump Roping

Being four times more effective and running and bike riding, it is capable of burning over a 1000 calories per hour which makes it an effective exercise to burn fat off, almost like butter on a hot car in the summer heat. Make those abs visible and that waistline shredded.

  1. Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are a guarantee towards building a stronger lower abs base. What you do is that you lie flat on the floor, you plant your pelvis and shoulders into the ground, what you want to do is to raise your legs up until you create a 90 degree angle at your hips, do up to 3 sets of 10 reps and you’ll definitely be feeling the burn in your lower abs.

  1. Hanging Leg Raises

Another epic exercise to burn stubborn belly fat, it specifically targets your abdomen region and provides the perfect amount of tension and stimulation to the abdominal muscles and the Adonis belt, what ones need to do is find a pole or bar and hang from it while releasing all tension from the body and arms. Once that is done bring your knees up to your chest while squeezing your abs all the way through, do an average of 3 sets, reps until failure and within no time you’ll have the waist of a Spartan warrior.


Hit the gym and break those muscle fibers so they can build back bigger and stronger because that is what fitness is all about, building something better and stronger. Incorporate these 3 exercises in your workouts and try doing them every other day, do give yourself a break so the abdomen muscles could repair themselves rather than over stressing them and resulting in muscle damage .stick with this cause patience and consistency are two things that’ll get you the desired results especially when it comes to the Adonis belt AKA V cut abs.

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