What Are Our Priorities?

What Are Our Priorities?


What are our Priorities?

We, human beings, are largely composed of our choices and priorities. It is basically what we choose and prioritize, both as an individual and a nation, that determine our identity in the long-run. Our priorities are our considerations, our practices and ultimately our character. In our life as a nation, our character and our identity are of utmost significance – they give us a sense of our unique existence and present us to other people and nations. Have we ever thought what our priorities are as a nation?

One of the most dominant priorities of our people, both at individual and collective levels, is the pursuit of wealth and authority. This has resulted in a race-blind and desperate – which has bulldozed our social values and ethical considerations. Unfortunately, this has made our people ignore other items that should top the list of our priorities. Among them, the pursuit of knowledge and education is the most notable one. Prioritizing wealth and authority over knowledge and education has scared our character and identity, and has made us stand lower in the ranks in the quest for research and learning. It has also paved the way for a culture wherein the torchbearers of knowledge are the at the end of the queue, while the blind forces of opulence and undue dominance are at the front, leading the nation to nowhere. For us, the worth and value of the teachers and academicians have decreased, whereas the businessmen and military-men have climbed higher on the ladder of importance.

Our academicians, professors, writers, educationalists, and intellectuals long for authority and influence, but they are not completely successful in this regard. Both in social and political lives, their innovative ideas, views, and thoughts are not considered anything more than the figments of their imaginations. In fact, the social arrangements are made in such a way that they are disheartened in various ways. In certain cases, they are not even able to live respectable lives. Whereas, our aristocrats, business tycoons, our well-off political and religious leaders and our martial elite all enjoy the fruits of people’s respect and attention.

As a nation, we won’t be able to live with dignity and success with this identity and character. We need to change our priorities; we need to value knowledge, wisdom, and awareness. Definitely, we require wealth and authority as well, but they will automatically follow us when we have knowledgeable minds, mindful thoughts and aware and open hearts.