17 Spectacular Pictures and Interesting Facts About Skardu Airport

17 Spectacular Pictures and Interesting Facts About Skardu Airport


Skardu is one of the most scenic places in Pakistan. It is the base camp for many of the mountain climbers and tourists who want to explore the northern areas of Pakistan and see the incredible beauty of the Karakoram Mountains and other mountains. Perhaps, the best way to go to Skardu is via an airplane. When you travel to Skardu by air, you will get to see some amazing views. And you will land at one of the most scenic airports in Pakistan, The Skardu Airport. Here are 17 spectacular pictures and some interesting facts about the Skardu airport.

17 – Skardu Airport is a domestic airport as well as a military airbase located in Skardu in Glight-Baltistan region of Pakistan.

1 - Skardu Airport
Photo Credits – Hydaspes Lightbox

16 – Pakistan International Airlines has regular flights to the Skardu Airport.

2 - A PIA ATR 42 Aircraft at the Skardu Airport

15 – It is a small airport, but a very beautiful one. Here is the control tower of the Skardu Airport.

3 - Skardu Airport Control Tower

14 – Check out this amazing view of a PIA Airplane at the Skardu Airport and the mountains in the background.

4 - PIA A320 Aircraft at the Skardu Airport - Amazing Weather

13 – Here is a PIA aircraft landing at the Skardu Airport.

5 - An aircraft landing at the Skardu Airport

12 – The elevation of the Skardu Airport is 2,230 meters or 7,316 feet.

6 - PIA Plane at Skardu Airport

11 – The airport offers some of the most spectacular views and amazing weather to the visitors.

7 - The Weather

10 – The airport serves as a Forward Operating Base of Pakistan Airforce.

8 - JF 17 Thunder at the Skardu Airport

9 – Here are Pakistan Airforce Personel posing with a fighter jet at the scenic Skardu Airport.

9 - Pakistan Airforce Personel at the Skardu Airport

8 – The airport sees thousands of tourists every year. Here is Australian Tourist Sophee Southall at the runway of Skardu Airport.

10 - Australian Tourist Sophee Southall at the runway of Skardu Airport

7 – Check out this amazing picture of a C-17 Globemaster III aircraft at the Skardu Airport.

11 - A C-17 Globemaster III at the Skardu Airport

6 – Skardu airport has two runways. One runway is 8,740 feet long and the other one is 11,944 feet long.

12 - Runway of Skardu Airport

5 – The view of the mountains while traveling to the Skardu airport is just amazing.

13 - You get to see some of the highest mountains in the world while flying to the Skardu Airport

4 – During winters, the weather gets really cold and it snows heavily in Skardu. Snow is being removed from the runway of the airport in this picture.

14 - Snow being removed from the runway of the Skardu Airport during winter

3 – Here is a view of the airport during summers.

15 - Tourists getting off the plane at the Skardu Airport

2 – Check out this stunning view of the Skardu Airport runway during the extreme winter season.

16 - Skardu Airport Runway
Photo Credits – Abbass Shah

1 – If you have not visited this amazing airport and the scenic city of Skardu, it is highly recommended that you visit it at least once in your life.

17 - This is what it looks like from the cockpit of an aircraft while taking off from the skardu airport

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