13 Stunning Pictures of NUST Islamabad Campus

13 Stunning Pictures of NUST Islamabad Campus


When we talk about the best universities in Pakistan, one university that outshines all others is the National University of Science and Technology. It is ranked among the top 500 universities in the world and it offers a number of different graduation, and post graduation programs. The main campus of the University is located in Islamabad and it is probably the best university campus in the country. This campus was constructed just a few years ago and some buildings in the campus are still under construction. In case, you have not seen this beautiful campus, then here are 13 spectacular pictures that show its true beauty.

13 – NUST University has its main campus in Sector H-12 of Islamabad. Other than this main campus, the university has subsidiary campuses in different cities of Pakistan.

1 - Nust Islamabad Campus

12 – Check out this spectacular aerial view of the NUST Campus in Islamabad.

2 - Aerial View of Nust - Islamabad
Photo Credits – Hydaspes Lightbox

11 – The campus is filled with plenty of greenery. And you will get to see such awesome scenes at this beautiful campus.

3 - Nust H-12 Campus
Photo Credits – Fiaz Ahmed

10 – NUST has an academic staff of 817 people and it has 7,196 students.

4 - Nust Islamabad Campus 5
Photo Credits – Asad Ali

9 – The campus features wide roads, beautiful buildings, and plenty of greenery.

5 - Nust Islamabad Campus 1

8 – There are more than 6,000 undergraduate students, and more than 900 postgraduate students enrolled in NUST.

6 - Nust is completely filled with natural beauty wherever you go, you will find some amazing views all around the campus. Nust Headquarters on a rainy day

7 – Check out this breathtaking aerial view of NUST Campus on a cloudy day.

7 - Nust Islamabad Campus 6

6 – Recently bicycle’s were introduced for students to travel to the campus.

8 - Cycles at Nust H 12

5 – At night, the entire university is well lit with the street lights and presents a beautiful sight to the onlookers.

9 - Nust Islamabad Campus Night View

4 – Here is another beautiful night view of the NUST Campus in Islamabad.

10 - Nust Islamabad H 12
Photo Credits – NUST Media Club

3 – This H-12 campus in Islamabad was initiated in 2008 and today it has become the best university campus in Pakistan.

11 - Nust Islamabad Campus
Photo Credits – Hydaspes Lightbox

2 – Other than academic facilities, the campus also has pretty good sports facilities.

12 - Aerial View of Nust

1 – NUST H-12 Campus in Islamabad surely promises one of the best experiences to the students.

13 - Nust Islamabad Campus 3 - Photo Credits - Asad Ali

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