15 Jokes Only Programmers Will Understand

15 Jokes Only Programmers Will Understand

By Mashal Riaz
Programming seems fun only from a distance because when you actually start doing it, you realize that it’s actually endless hours of coding and then debugging only to end up with even more bugs in your code. It’s definitely more than just sitting in a chair all day and punching on the keyboard.
Only a programmer can understand the pain of another programmer so here are 15 jokes to lighten your mood and make you feel a little better about your job.
1. The stack is definitely better than your girlfriend. At least it lets you peek whenever you want ifkwim.
2. You and I both know that there’s a higher chance that the milk would last longer.

I bought some milk over the weekend and also picked a new JavaScript framework to use.

At least one of these will be out of date before the week’s up.

— I Am Devloper (@iamdevloper) February 5, 2018

3. And we are nothing but members of those classes. 
4. Figuring out the problems in your code while in bed.. or in the shower for that matter. 
5. As a developer, StackOverflow is your best friend and your saviour.
6. Coding in a language that isn’t case sensitive. 
7. It almost never does. 
8. Because following good naming convention is more important than actual coding. 
9. Oh no, you didn’t! You ALWAYS start arrays with 0. 
10. This difficult question no computer scientist has ever been able to answer.
11. Let’s all be honest here, coding in HTML is not actually coding. 
12. This coding hack!
13. This inspirational quote! 
14. Just to be safe, you know. 
15. And finally, this!