21 Amazing Pictures and Interesting Facts About Katas Raj Temples

21 Amazing Pictures and Interesting Facts About Katas Raj Temples


Located in the district of Chakwal, Katas Raj Temples are one of the most sacred locations for Hindus. These temples are surrounded by the lush green land and present a picture of sprinkled jewles when seen from above. Today, they not only have religious significance for Hindus, but they also have cultural and historical significance for Pakistan. The site has become a major tourist attraction and every year thousands of people from all over Pakistan as well as from India visit these temples. Following are 21 interesting facts along with some  spectacular pictures of these amazing temples.

21 – Katas Raj Temples are Located Near Kallar Kahar and can be reached via M2 Motorway.

20 – There are total 7 temples at this location.

19 – This site also has a Buddhist Stupa, a few havelis, a couple of medieval sanctuaries, and some relatively new sanctuaries.

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18 – Other than being a famous religious site for Hindus, it is also a famous historical and tourist attraction in Pakistan.

17 – The walls of the temples show the signs of wear and tear. Although, the government has taken steps to preserve these sites, more needs to be done.

16 – According to Hindu Beliefs, The pond of the temples’ was created from Shiva’s teardrops.

15 – The greenery surrounds the entire area and presents a spectacular sight.

14 – Check out this amazing view from one of the nearby buildings.

Photo Credits – Sal Shots

13 – The Hindu population living in Pakistan as well as from India, visits these temples throughout the year.

12 – The temples are located at an altitude of 2,000 feet. They are surrounded by the hills of Salt Range.

11 – The Government of Pakistan carried out major restoration work in 2006. Further improvements were announced in 2017.

10 – Katas Raj Temples have become a famous site for shooting of movies, dramas and for magazine photo shoots. Here is the famous model Urwa Hocane in a photo shoot.

9 – Woah! Look at this incredible view.

Photo Credits – Haider Ali

8 – The sunsets at Katas Raj Temples are breathtaking!

Photo Credits – Muhammad Furqan Photography

7 – Katas Raj Temples were built in the 7th century. Needless to say, these temples have stood the test of time and are still present after 1500 years.

6 – Hindus consider Katas Raj Temples to be the 2nd most sacred place in Punjab. The first most sacred place being the Jwalamukhi in Himachal Pradesh.

Photo Credits – Ibrar Malik

5 – Here’s a wonderful aerial view of the site.

Photo Credits – Imran Wazir

4 – The former Indian Deputy Prime Minister Lal Krishna Advani visited these temples in 2005.

3 – In 2012, the water level of the pond started decreasing because of the water usage by a nearby cement factory and also because of the plantation of the eucalyptus trees in the area. The factory was closed down by the government and the water level was back to normal.

Photo Credits – Maaz Ahmad

2 – The amazing architecture, the historical buildings, and the breathtaking scenery will dazzle you.

Photo Credits – Maqsood MK

1 – If you have not visited this amazing historical place, you should immediately add it to your bucket list.

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