25 Amazing Pictures of Margalla Hills That Will Inspire You To Hike...

25 Amazing Pictures of Margalla Hills That Will Inspire You To Hike This Sunday


Islamabad is among the most beautiful cities in the world. It is located in the foothills of the Himalayas. These hills are known as Margalla hills. Located on one side of Islamabad, Margalla hills provide for a wonderful weekend escape from the daily routine to the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Margalla Hills are blessed with amazing flora and fauna. The hills have a number of tracks for hikers and many of the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi regularly hike on these tracks.

Here are 25 amazing pictures of Margalla hills that will encourage you to do hiking on these hills this weekend.

1 – Here is the beautiful entrance of Hiking Trail No. 5. Margalla Hills have several hiking trails. The most popular ones are Trail No. 3, Trail No. 5, and Trail No. 6. 1 - Trail 5 - Margalla Hills

2 – Yes! Imran Khan is also a big fan of hiking and he regularly hikes on Margalla Hills. Here is a picture of him taking pictures with his fans while going towards Trail No. 3. 2 - Imran Khan

3 – You will pass through plenty of such green tunnels as you hike your way up. 3 - Green Tunnels

4 – The hiking trails have a number of water springs. Here is a sign board indicating a water spring on the Trail No. 5.
4 - water spring

5 – Yes, you will see such beautiful water springs with refreshing cold water. 5 - Trail 6

6 – Here is a picture of famous singer Haroon cycling through a water spring on Trail No. 3. 6 - Haroon Crossing a stream while cycling in the beautiful trails of Margalla Hills

7 – You will find such benches to rest and relax on the hiking trails. 7 Bench8 – Another view of a beautiful water stream in the Margalla Hills.
8 - water spring on trail 6

9 – The hills are covered by trees and you will see greenery everywhere. 9 - Greenery

10 – You might also see some monkeys in Margalla Hills. 10 - Monkeys

11 – You will see such spectacular views of the hills and Islamabad city. 11 - Margalla Hills Picture

12 – Don’t forget to take your refreshments with you. Enjoy tea and other refreshments as you enjoy the amazing views of Islamabad. 12 - Breakfast

13 – You will see different kinds of birds in Margalla Hills.

13 - Rufous Treepie - Trail 5
Photo Credits – Danish Mumtaz Photography

14 – Tall pine trees provide great shade from the sun. One thing that you will notice on the hills is the constant wind blowing over the hills. 14 - Beautiful Shade

15 – This is what the hiking trails look like. 15 - Margalla Hills Trail

16 – You will see this fire track specially made by the CDA in order to keep the fire from spreading. Some people like to take it as a short cut. However, it is very steep, dangerous, and very difficult to climb. We recommend that you stick to the hiking trails.16 - Fire wall

17 – If you go early in the morning, you can enjoy the views of such amazing sunrise.

17 - Sunrise Over Margalla Hills
Photo Credits – Sher Ali Safi Photography

18 – Even Shahid Afridi likes to hike on Margalla Hills.

18 - Shahid Afridi

19 – A wonderful view of 7th Avenue and Islamabad city from Margalla Hills.

19 - View of Islamabad

20 – Another beautiful view of Islamabad. Rawal Lake can be seen on the left side of the picture. 20 - View from Trail 3

21 – If you are lucky you will get to see Red Fox of Margalla Hills. Foxes usually signal each other by making scent through urinating on trees or rocks to announce their presence.

21 - Red Fox of Margalla Hills. Foxes also signal each other by making scent posts—urinating on trees or rocks to announce their presence. Riaz
Photo Credits – Riaz Khan

22 – It might be exhausting for you to hike if you are not a regular hiker or if you don’t do exercise regularly. But, trust me, you will feel great once you reach the top and see such awesome views.

22 - View of Rawal Lake from Trail 3
Photo Credits – Syed Aftab Ahmad

23 – Trail 3 and Trail 5 will take you to Monal. Here is a wonderful view of Monal restaurant from Trail 3.

23 - View of Monal

24 – You can enjoy Sunday Brunch at Monal restaurant or La Montana restaurant. 24 - Monal Sunday Brunch

25 – In case you are not in favor of eating the Sunday Brunch at Monal or La Montana restaurants, you can always take your own food. Many hikers like to do Bar.B.Q. It is much more affordable as well as much more fun.

25 - Bar B QSo are you ready to go for hiking on the Margalla Hills and have some awesome time? Tag your mates whom you would like to take with you on this hiking adventure.