Struggles Of A Computer Science Major

Struggles Of A Computer Science Major

Computer Science, arguably one of the hardest degrees out there, is worth it once you graduate and start earning but the process to reach there is less than enjoyable and far from what you expected.
No one tells you what you are letting yourself into when you opt for a degree in Computer Science, it’s only when you are in too deep that you realize what you signed up for.

Here are 5 struggles you can only relate to if you’re in the technical field.
1. You are taken for an IT Technician:
You’re the go-to person whenever your friends’ phone or laptop stops working. You get texts like, “hey, how do I make Microsoft Office do that thing?” and what they don’t they realize is that you are answering them by Googling all the answers that they can very well do themselves.

2. People think you learn to be hackers in your degree:
Every so often so get questioned whether you can hack into someone’s Facebook or find your way into someone’s laptop/phone like no, that’s not what I learn in school.

3. There is one girl in a class of 20 guys: 
When it comes to engineering degrees, you barely see any girls in a classroom and if you are unlucky enough to be that girl, you are not taken seriously because this field just isn’t for girls.

4. There’s always someone who wants you to develop their million-dollar app:
People come to you with their “innovative” ideas for an app that’s guaranteed to be a massive hit in the market and expect you to code it overnight because suuure, it’s that easy to build an app.

5. There’s just no copying off assignments:
One of the major drawbacks of being in this field is that you just cannot copy assignments off the internet because it takes just as much time understanding someone else’s code as it does to write your own so you gotta do everything yourself.