Here’s Why You Need To Read Mohsin Hamid’s Latest Book ASAP

Here’s Why You Need To Read Mohsin Hamid’s Latest Book ASAP


By Mashal Riaz

Mohsin Hamid, one of the greatest storytellers Pakistan has ever produced, released his latest book, ‘Exit West’, last year that can easily pass as Hamid’s best work.

The story is about two adults falling in love in an unnamed country at war with itself and their struggle as they survive and finally escape this constant danger-zone.

Here’s why you need to stop doing whatever you are doing and give this piece of literature a read:

1. It’s not your average love story: 

Exit West is not about two people falling in love; it’s about what happens after you have fallen in love. Hamid depicts the process of uncoupling of the two lovers beautifully and makes you realize that not all love stories are meant to be.

2. It challenges our society’s stereotypes: 

This is a story of love, strength and adventure of Nadia, a mysterious, strong, single woman living on her own and Saeed, an independent-minded, grown man, unmarried, with a decent post and a good education living with his parents.

3. It is a brutal yet fascinating look at life:

This book, that’s about the plight of being a refugee, will surely shift your perspective about life and teach you to empathize, to consider others more complexly. It teaches you that no matter what, life moves on even in a war-torn country and it doesn’t stop for anyone.

4. You can actually relate to it:

Not that our living conditions are the same as that in the book but Hamid narrates us the struggle of the couple in a country at the brink of civil war in such a way that we truly inhabit their experiences.

So just stop thinking about it and get yourself a copy of Exit West and embark on this emotional journey.

You can buy this book online at Readings and Liberty Books.