27 Spectacular Pictures and Amazing Facts About PAF Musuem Karachi

27 Spectacular Pictures and Amazing Facts About PAF Musuem Karachi


When it comes to Museums, Pakistan has a number of world-class museums in different cities. One such Museum is the Pakistan Airforce Musuem in Karachi. This Airforce Musuem is among the best Airforce museums in the world. This museum has almost all the fighter jets and ammunition that has been Pakistan Airforce’s use since its inception. For any fighter jets and airforce enthusiast, this museum is a must visit place in Karachi. Here are 27 spectacular pictures and amazing facts about the PAF Museum in Karachi.

Here are 27 spectacular pictures and amazing facts about the PAF Museum in Karachi.

27 – This is what the entrance of the PAF Museum looks like. The museum is located near Karsaz Flyover on Shahrah-e-Faisal in Karachi.

1 - Entrance

26 – Here is a spectacular aerial view of the museums. Many of the aircraft are showcased in the outside ground of the museum.

2 - Aerial View of PAF Museum

25 – This is a spitfire war hawk airplane which was once used by the Pakistan Airforce.

3 - A model of spitfire war hawk...in...Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Museum Karachi.

24 – PAF Museum, Karachi was established in 1990. 

4 - PAF Museum Karachi 11

23 – The museum had humble beginnings and initially it was established in the disused hangers in a remote part of the Base.

5 - PAF Museum Karachi 7

22 – Later, the museum expanded significantly and today it has almost all the aircraft that were used by Pakistan Airforce and several other attractions as well.

6 - PAF Museum Karachi

21 – Here is a monument in the honor of the Shuhada of Pakistan Air Force.

7 - PAF Museum Karachi 4

20 – The view inside the hangers is absolutely stunning.

8 - Pakistan Airforce in Karachi

19 – There are several small airplane models as well as some large airplanes inside the hangers.

9 - PAF-meusium-jets

18 – This aircraft was in the personal use of Quaid e Azam till his last air travel to Karachi from Quetta in September 1948. Now it is on display in PAF Museum, Karachi.

10 - This Aircraft Was In Quaid e Azam's Personal Use Till His Last Air Travel to Karachi From Quetta in September 1948. Now it is on Display in PAF Museum, Karachi

17 – This is F-86 Sabre aircraft which was once the backbone of Pakistan airforce.

11 - F86 - Sabre - PAF Musuem - Karachi

16 – The museum also has captured Indian aeroplanes. Here is a captured IAF GNAT at PAF Museum Karachi. It was forced landed by Flt Lt Hakeem Ullah at Pasrur during 1965 war.

12 - Captured IAF GNAT at PAF Museum Karachi, it was forced landed by Flt Lt Hakeem Ullah at Pasrur during

15 – The museum is very well managed. It is currenly managed by a committee that is headed by the Air Officer Commanding Southern Air Command.

13 - Inside View

14 – Some of the aircraft in this museum include Martin B-57 Canberra, De Havilland Tiger Moth, North American Harvard, Lockheed F-104 Starfighter, Dassault Mirage 5, Shenyang F-6, Lockheed T-33, Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-15, Auster Autocar, Antonov An-26, Antonov An-12, A-26 Invader, U-9 Aero Commander, Vickers Viking, Folland Gnat, and Kaman HH-43 Huskie.

14 - PAF Museum Karachi 8

13 – Other than the aircraft that were in PAF inventory, this museum also has Folland Gnat of the Indian Airforce, the Mig 21 of the Afghan Airforce, and the Antonov An-12 of Iraq Airforce on display.

15 - PAF MuseuM Karachi 14

12 – This is probably the best place in Pakistan to learn about the history of fighter jets and Pakistan Air Force.

16 - PAF Musuem Karachi 17

11 – You will also get to see some helicopters in the museum.

17 - PAF Musuem Karachi 18

10 – Other than amazing displays of aircraft and weapons, the museum also has kids play area, a souvenir shop, a convention center, an auditorium, and a cafeteria.

18 - PAF Musuem Karachi View

9 – There is a visitors book placed in the museum as well. Many famous personalities have written their sentiments in this book.

19 - PAF Musuem Karachi - Visitors Book

8 – An Indian war plane captured during 1965 war on display in PAF Museum, Karachi.

20 - Indian War Plane Captured During 1965 War on Display in PAF Musuem Karachi

7 – Here are the uniforms of armed forces of Pakistan on display in PAF Museum, Karachi.

21 - PAF Musuem Karachi 16

6 – Different weapon systems and arms are ammunition are also showcased here.

22 - PAF Museum Gallery

5 – Other than real airplanes, the museum also houses some amazing models of different modern fighter jets.

23 - PAF Museum Karachi 9

4 – It is such an awesome feeling when you get to see fighter jets up close. Every Pakistani will feel proud when visiting this amazing museum.

24 - PAF Museum Karachi 10

3 – The museum also has different bombs, missiles, and radar systems on display.

25 - PAF Museum Weapons

2 – This is Shenyang F6 Aircraft.

26 - Shenyang F6 Aircraft

1 – PAF Museum is one of the best tourist attractions in Karachi and it should definitely be on your list when you visit Karachi.

27 - PAF Museum Karachi 6
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