21 Amazing Photos and Facts About Lucky One Mall Karachi – The...

21 Amazing Photos and Facts About Lucky One Mall Karachi – The Biggest Shopping Mall in Pakistan


The culture of shopping malls is booming in Pakistan. And it seems that we are soon going to have tens of big shopping malls in the big cities of the country. Pakistan already has a number of amazing shopping malls like The Centaurus Shopping Mall in Islamabad and The Emporium Mall in Lahore. Recently, a new shopping mall was opened in Karachi. This new shopping mall is known as Lucky One Mall and it has overtaken The Emporium Mall in Lahore to claim the title of the biggest shopping Mall in Pakistan. This amazing shopping mall has seen a huge influx of shoppers from around Karachi. Here are 21 pictures along with some interesting facts about Lucky One Mall, Karachi.

29 – Here is the entrance of the Lucky One Mall. It is the largest Mall in Pakistan as well as South Asia.

1 - Lucky One Mall Entrance

28 – The total area of the mall is 3.4 Million Square feet. 

2 - Lucky One Mall Featured

27 – Here is a spectacular aerial view of the mall.

3 - Lucky One Mall Aerial View

26 – None of the other malls in Pakistan have such welcoming and huge entrance.

4 - Lucky One Mall Awesome
Photo Credits – Hammad Kaleem Sheikh

25 – The lights compliment the space inside the mall and they can be altered according to the occasion.

5 - Lucky One Mall Opening 1

24 – The mall does not have congested fell to it. And with its huge atrium, it gives a grand feel.

6 - Lucky One Mall Opening 11

23 – The opening of the Lucky One Mall saw a huge participation from the locals. 

7 - Lucky One Mall Opening 23

22 – According to sources, more than 1 lac people visited the mall in the first three days of opening

8 - Lucky One Mall df

21 – Lucky One Mall also has a ramp for holding fashion shows. Concerts can also be held in the mall.

9 - Lucky One Mall Opening 13

20 – This is what the Lucky One Mall looks at night.

10 - 3000 Cars Lucky One Mall

19 – This is where the Mall is located in Karachi.

11 - Lucky One Mall 12345

18 – Other than shops, Lucky One Mall also includes a bowling alley, a huge food court, and a play zone for kids.

12 - Lucky One Mall Food Court 1

17 – Almost all the International fast food brands and Pakistan brands have restaurants in the food court of Lucky One Mall.

13 - Lucky One Mall Food Court 2

16 – The Food Court of the Lucky One Mall is Just Massive. It spans over 150,000 square feet.

14 - Lucky One Mall Food Court

15 – Here is OnederLand a play area for kids.

15 - Lucky one Mall Onederland 1

14 – It holds awesome rides and other attractions for kids.

16 - Lucky One Mall Onederland

13 – The popular Cash and Carry Chain, Hyperstar is also there in Lucky One Mall.

17 - Hyperstar Lucky One Mall

12 – The lights on the outside will leave you surprised. You might find them purple at one moment, and blue or green the other moment.

18 - Lucky One Mall Purple

11 – The night view of the mall is just stunning.

19 - Lucky One Mall Night View

10 – Lucky One Mall has a huge car parking and it has space for 3000 cars.

20 - Lucky One Mall Parking

9 – Here is a distant night view of Lucky One Mall from the sports ground located in front of it.

21 - Lucky One Mall View

8 – The response of the public has been pretty good toward this mall. And it is expected that the number of visitors will rise in the coming days as more shops open their doors.

22 - Lucky One Mall View Photo Credits - Sarah

7 – It seems likely that Lucky One Mall is going to be the hottest place for concerts and other such events in the coming years.

23 - Lucky One Mall Blue

6 – Here is a spectacular panorama view of the grand atrium of the mall.

24 - Lucky One Mall Atrium

5 – The interior of the mall is just breathtaking. 

25 - Lucky One Mall Pillars

4 – Lucky One Mall project will also have apartments in future. The apartments are under construction and this is what the whole project will look like after the completion of construction.

26 - Lucky One Mall 1234

3 – Lucky One Mall will surely give a tough time to Dolmen Mall and other Malls in Karachi.

27 - Lucky One Mall

2 – According to stats, Lucky One mall will result in direct employment of 10,000 to 15,000 people.

28 - Lucky One Mall Beautiful

1 – Lucky One Mall is surely going to be a welcome edition to the list of Shopping Malls in Pakistan. And it seems that this mall is going to hold the title of the biggest shopping mall in Pakistan for a long time.

29 - Lucky One Mall Beauty

What are your thoughts about the growing mall culture in Pakistan? Also, let us know what you think of Lucky One Mall as compared to Centaurus in Islamabad and The Emporium in Lahore? Tell us in the comments section below