These 27 Pictures of Attabad Lake Tell Why It is The Most...

These 27 Pictures of Attabad Lake Tell Why It is The Most Scenic Lake in The World


Attabad Lake which is also commonly known as Gojal Lake is an amazingly beautiful lake in Gojal Valley. This lake was formed as a result of a landslide. Initially, it presented a lot of difficulty to the locals and even resulted in the loss of lives of many people as well as the displacement of many locals. However, with time, it has become a major tourist attraction in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. In fact, today, it stands as one of the most scenic lakes in the world.

Here are 27 amazing photos and interesting facts about Attabad Lake.

27 – Attabad Lake was created in January 2010 as a result of a landslide.

1 - Attabad Lake, #GB -
Photo Credits – Uzair Ahmed

26 – It is among the most scenic lakes in the world. Here is a spectacular view of the sunshine over Attabad Lake.

Attabad Lake
Photo Credits – Usman Zubair

25 – Here is a spectacular panorama view of the Attabad Lake.

3 - Attabad Lake Panorama View

24 – The location of the lake is 14 kilometres upstream of Karimabad.

4 - Attabad Lake - Hunza

23 – Check out this amazing view. The reflection of the mountains in the lake is just breathtaking.

5 - Attabad Lake - One of the most beautiful lakes in the world

22 – The maximum depth of Attabad Lake is 358 meters.

6 - Attabad Lake - Hunza Valley - Gilgit Baltistan

21 – Even the animals love to pose in front of this magnificent lake.

7 - A Cow Posing In Front of Atabad Lake
Photo Credits – The Hunzai Lad

20 – The view of Attabad Lake at sunset and sunrise is just amazing.

8 - Winter Ride at Attabad Lake
Photo Credits – Liz Norman

19 – The length of this lake is 21 kilometres.

9 - Attabad Lake

18 – This view of Passu cones from Attabad Lake seems too good to be true. But it is a reality.

10 - Beautiful Attabad lake , Hunza valley Pakistan
Photo Credits – Afnan’s Photography

17 – About 330,000-acre feet of water is present in this massive lake.

11 - Elegant Blue and Magical Attabad Lake - Uper Hunza Gojal
Photo Credits – Mubashir Jadoon

16 – It is an ideal place to have some memorable photo sessions.

12 - A Girl Enjoying the Spectacular View of Attabad Lake - Gilgit Baltistan
Photo Credits – Rabia Shafi

15 – Until 2015, the only way to cross the lake was on a boat. Now there is a road tunnel which was opened for traffic in September 2015.

13 - Attabad Lake - Hunza - Gilgit Baltistan

14 – Here is a water ambulance in Attabad Lake.

14 - Attabad Lake - Gilgit Baltistan

13 – The weather at Attabad Lake is mostly cold. And the clouds present great scenes.

15 - Attabad Lake
Photo Credits – Hasan Jaffar

12 – The transport and fishing boats compliment the beauty of Attabad Lake.

16 - Attabad Lake, Gojal Valley, Pakistan

11 – This satellite view of Attabad Lake shows its true dimensions.

Attabad Lake Aerial View 1

10 – It is a perfect place for relaxing and having a good time.

18 - Attabad Lake - Relax

9 – Check out the view of the lake from the Karakoram Highway.

19 - Karakarom Highway and Attabad Lake - Hunza
Photo Credits – Zaka-Ur-Rehman Photography

8 – Who wouldn’t want to have tea while enjoying this amazing view.

20 - Who Wouldnt Want A Cup of Tea With A View Like This - Attabad Lake

7 – The mountains on the sides of Attabad Lake get covered by snow during winters.

21 - Attabad Lake Snow

6 – Some pictures of Attabad Lake seem to be from a fantasy Hollywood movie.

22 - Boating at Attabad lake, Hunza Gilgit Baltistan
Photo Credits – Sher Ali Photography

5 – The huge rocky mountains and the deep blue waters of the Attabad Lake compliment each other really well.

23 - Attabad Lake - Gilgit Baltistan
Photo Credits – Saad Tauseef

4 – The Karakoram Highway was already one of the most beautiful and most scenic roads in the world. With the formation of the Attabad Lake, its beauty has increased even more.

24 - Attabad Lake - Hunza Valley

3 – Here is a rare picture of Passu Cones covered by Snow. Attabad Lake can be seen in front.

25 - A rare picture of Passu Cones Covered by Snow. Attabad Lake can be seen in front
Photo Credits – Sher Aly

2 – Be it a sunny day or a gloomy day, the scenes at Attabad Lake will not disapoint you.

26 - Attabad Lake - 1
Photo Credits – Rao Mubashir

1 – Check out this breathtaking view of the Attabad Lake, The Hunza Valley, and the Snow Covered Mountains.

27 - Amazing View of Attabad Lake, Hunza Valley, Pakistan

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