These Wonderful Huts Are Waiting For You in Shogran

These Wonderful Huts Are Waiting For You in Shogran


Located at a height of 7,749 feet above sea level, Shogran is a beautiful hill station in Kaghan Valley. This amazing hill station promises spectacular views of the lush green mountains, amazing hiking adventures, beautiful weather and a whole lot more to the tourists. Although there are many affordable and good hotels in Shogran, there is one particular accommodation option that not only looks amazing but is affordable as well. Check out these wonderful huts in Shogran.

These huts are located at a pretty good location and provide some of the most scenic views.

Shogran Huts 1

Each hut has its own outdoor sitting area.

Shogran Huts 2

The huts are equipped with modern fixtures and fittings.

Shogran Huts 3

Each hut includes a bathroom, a bed room and a dining area.

Shogran Huts 4

In case you are wondering about the rent of these huts and how to book them, you can contact on these phone numbers; 0300-9854936, 0346-7775777, and 0345-5329896.

Shogran Huts 5

These amazing cottages in Shogran are waiting for you.

Shogran Huts 6

These huts are a part of the Cedarwood Chairlift Resort.

Shogran Huts 7

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