These 27 Pictures Show Why Multan Airport is The Best Airport in...

These 27 Pictures Show Why Multan Airport is The Best Airport in Pakistan


Multan International Airport is located 4 kilometers west of the city of Multan. It is biggest and the busiest airport of southern Punjab. Multan International Airport not only handles local flights to different cities of Pakistan, it also handles direct International flights to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates. In 2015, the new terminal of the Multan International Airport was inaugurated and today Multan airport stands as one of the best and one of the most modern airports in the country. Many people even term it as the best airport in Pakistan.

Here are 27 stunning pictures of Multan airport along with interesting facts about this beautiful airport.

27 – Here is the outside view of the new terminal of Multan International Airport

1 - Multan Airport 1

26 – This is what the terminal looks like from the inside.

2 - Multan Airport

25 – The waiting area looks pretty neat.

3 - Multan Airport

24 – The design of the terminal is quite simple yet modern and impressive.

4 - Multan Airport

23 – The parking area of the airport can accommodate more than 400 vehicles.

5 - Multan Airport

22 – The roof of the terminal is lit with hundreds of lights. It presents a beautiful picture.

6 - Multan Airport

21 – Here is a stunning aerial view of the Multan International Airport.

7 - Multan Airport - Photo Credits - Hydapses Lightbox

20 – Here is a beautiful picture of an AirBlue airplane parked at the Multan International Airport.

8 - An AirBlue plane parked at Multan Airport - Photo Credits - Muhammad Umer Khan

19 – The airport is capable of handling around 1 million passengers every year.

9 - Multan Airport - Photo Credits - Rajput's Photography

18 – The construction of the new terminal started in 2010 and it was finished in 2015.

10 - Multan Airport - Photo Credits - Danish Mughal

17 – The Multan International Airport has one business class lounge, one domestic economy class lounge, one International economy class lounge, and one CIP lounge for the VVIP and the foreign diplomats.

11 - Multan Airport

16 – Here is a stunning aerial view of the runway of the Multan International Airport.

12 - Multan Airport Runway

15 – The length of the runway is 3 kilometers.

13 - Multan Airport Runway

14 – Here is a night view of the runway of Multan International Airport from the cockpit of a landing aircraft.

14 - Multan Airport Runway at Night

13 – The airport lounge also has duty free shops available at the International Arrivals and International departure lounge.

15 - Multan Airport

12 – The airport has modern boarding bridges.

16 - Multan Airport

11 – Free Internet WiFi facilities are provided in the Airport.

17 - Multan Aiport

10 – The airport is very clean and has been decorated beautifully.

18 - Multan Airport

9 – Mobile charging stations within the departure lounge have been provided as well.

19 - Multan Airport

8 – This airport has the most beautiful lounge in Pakistan.

20 - Multan Airport

7 – Prayer rooms, refreshment, and gift shops are also available in the lounge.

21 - Multan Airport

6 – International food outlets including Subway, Dunkin Donuts, and Pizza Hut have their shops in the airport.

22 - Multan Airport

5 – Here is another beautiful picture of the inside of the terminal.

23 - Multan Airport

4 – Multan airport not only caters to the needs of the citizens of Multan but it also caters to the needs of the entire South Punjab.

24 - Multan Airport

3 – Multan airport might need to be expanded further in the coming years as the number of passengers is increasing with every passing day.

25 - Multan Airport

2 – The maintenance at the Multan International Airport is also pretty good.

26 - Multan Airport

1 – Let’s hope that other airports in the country are upgraded soon and are brought to the same level as the Multan International Airport.

34 - Multan Airport

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