Strange Coincidence – Who Ever Takes Selfie With Zainab Abbas Loses

Strange Coincidence – Who Ever Takes Selfie With Zainab Abbas Loses


It seems that Pakistan Cricket Team has found a secret weapon. And it is not some batsman or bowler, but a sports journalist and presenter who happens to be covering the ICC Champions Trophy 2017. Meet Zainab Abbas, the girl who seems to have the strange “manhoos selfie” power.

It all started when Zainab Abbas took a selfie with the South African superstar AB De Villiers before the Pakistan vs South Africa match. She posted this picture on her Facebook page.

Guess what happened in the match? AB De Villiers got out on zero against Pakistan. And also, Pakistan won the match.

A Hero is Born…

It was at that moment when Pakistanis started to realise they had a new superhero with the secret selfie weapon.

What happened next, made her famous in India as well. She took a selfie with Virat Kohli, and the Indian captain got out on zero against Sri Lanka. And of course, India lost the match as well.

People started calling her a hero.

The curse of the Zainab Abbas Selfie seems to be getting popular everywhere.

Indians are already scared…

Pakistanis are already demanding her to take a selfie with the next rival team.

And Guess What? Zainab Abbas is herself excited to take a selfie with her next target.

This surely is one hell of a week for Zainab Abbas. The series of strange coincidences have made her a trending celebrity in Pakistan as well as India. Let’s see what happens next in Zainab Abbas selfie saga.