Struggles Of Having A Long Distance BFF

Struggles Of Having A Long Distance BFF


By Mashal Riaz

Everyone talks about how hard long distance relationships are but no one ever mentions how painfully awful it is to have a BBF who lives thousands of miles away from you. It’s already pretty hard if you are best friends with someone who lives in another city, let alone being friends with someone who lives in a different country with a different time zone.

1. They are not there when you fancy a quick chat.

Having a breakdown in your school’s restroom in the middle of the day? Well, sucks for you because your best friend living hundreds of miles away from you is sleeping peacefully and has absolutely no clue about it.

2. You are not a part of a major portion of their life:

You cannot hang out with them or be a part of all the events/gatherings they go to or know the people they meet. If you need their advice on something, you gotta wait for 1-2 business days because time difference is real, guys!

3. You tweak your routine according to their schedule:

You adjust your routine to talk to them and sometimes even sacrifice sleep just so you could share all the drama going on in your life with them. Scheduling Skype dates is one of the hardest things ever and you have to plan Skype dates in advance because your routine just doesn’t match up.

4. You can’t help but feel a tad bit of jealousy when they make new friends:

Seeing your best friend meet new people and grow close to them is heartbreaking and it hurts even more when you see them start sharing their personal stuff with them and not you.

5. You are always communicating simultaneously on multiple apps:

You have multiple conversations going on simultaneously in different social networking apps because there’s just so much to talk about and so many details to share.

6. You keep planning trips together:

Every time you talk, you plan out all the fun activities you will be doing together. And until you and your best friend are reunited, it feels that your life has been put on pause.